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Ni’s 29th Birthday Letter

image1Happy 29th Birthday, sweetheart!

I can’t believe that you are almost a 2 and half years old and will be going to pre-school at the end of next month. Time has flown by so quickly and you are growing up so much. You’re making better sentences in both Hindi and English. The funniest is that you copy the way everyone talks, like when nani says “No” you like copying her and stretching out the no into Noooooooo. Then there are the times when you know just how to push my buttons and do everything mommy asks you not to. Right when mom is about to get angry, you start laughing and hug me and say “showwie”. I love the way you say showwie. It’s the cutest in the world.

Nani bought you a new tea set a few weeks ago because you always ask me if I want a double-double coffee. So, she decided she would get you your very own tea set to make coffee for me in. You and I have enjoyed lots of pretend coffee and tea and have lots of tea parties doing so.

I love watching daddy tease you and you fight him to let you go. I love seeing the two of you spend so much time together and laugh and giggle and play games. It’s amazing seeing the two of you together. He’s so in love with you and you with him. It makes me feel happy seeing both of you laugh and smile so much.

This month hasn’t been quite exciting. I guess, most months aren’t. Life is going as it should be and we are living as we should be. Sometimes, little things happen here and there that stir the routine. But then things get back on track and we move along. That’s mainly how this month has been as well.

You spent a couple of days last weekend at your grandparent’s house, mommy needed some rest since she hadn’t slept properly all week. Your grandparents enjoy having you over. You and nanu spend so much time doing mischievous things and teasing nani. They love you dearly and every time you come back home, they feel lonely without you. They always tell me that their home feels empty without your giggles. So, I’m shipping you over to their place this weekend too. They’ll enjoy their time with you and you always love being there as well. Plus, having nani and nanu take care of you, I’ll get to do my spring cleaning and seriously tidy up our home.

Anyway, sweetheart, know that mommy and daddy love you dearly. We enjoy seeing you grow and are blessed to have such an amazing little angel in our lives. Kisses!

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Ni’s 24 Week Birthday Letter


Happy 24 Week Birthday Angel Pie!

I can’t believe you’re almost 6 months old. Feels like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. You were such a tiny little angel and now you sit up by yourself, pull your soother out of your mouth and throw it around the house, you giggle and laugh and have full conversations with your grandpa (only you two know your secret language).

But it’s amazing how quickly time has flown by with you, my darling. And now I’m starting to get nervous about how I’ll leave you and go back to work in November. I know there’s still a long time to go but at the speed the days are going by, it’s hard for me not to get worried and think about it. We aren’t wealthy enough that mommy could just stay home and take care of you all day. Plus, mommy enjoys having her career and learning new stuff. The challenges of my job keep me alive and thriving. But I wonder how I’ll do with balancing my work life and home life now that you’ve arrived. I guess, time will only tell. All I can hope is that I continue to succeed at work and as being a good mommy to you and wife to your daddy. And I know you and your daddy won’t let me fail on my quest to succeed. So, I’m not too worried. Just curious, I guess, to see how things go. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, this week has been quite full and boring. The only little bit of excitement we’ve had is that you ate mashed sweet potato for the first time. You didn’t like it one bit. Although, I managed to get you to eat a few spoonfuls, you spit it out a lot too. It’s definitely entertaining watching you try to open your mouth wide to eat. But what’s funny is you try to eat the spoon more than the food on the spoon. That’s a new thing you’ve started doing lately; trying to eat or suck on anything in arms reach. And there is so much slobber all over your face, fingers and clothes. It’s cute but quite messy.

So, you’re going to be six months old soon and mommy has got a surprise for you! I can’t wait until the 30th for your mid-year birthday. Daddy and mommy have it all planned out. I really hope you’ll enjoy it too. You’re too small to know but I’ll take lots of pictures for your photo album and my blog.

Anyway, darling, that’s all for this week. Never forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and kisses always. And happy almost six month (aka 24 weeks) birthday again!


Ni’s 22 Week Birthday Letter


Happy 22 Week Birthday, Angel!

This week has a bit stressful for us all except you. You’ve been your happy, darling self as always. But we’ve been busy and stressed out because of family issues. So, we haven’t done much this week other than spend lots of time with grandma and grandpa.

You’re five months old now! Mommy has begun feeding you rice cereal. You seem to enjoy it but you made quite the mess of your little face. But you’re still the adorable angel you are.

So that’s all for this week angel. Just remember mommy and daddy love you dearly and will be by your side always. Kisses always!

Ni’s 19 Week Birthday Letter


Happy 19 Week Birthday, sweetheart!

This week has been fun for both of us. The weather was fantastic and so we walked to your grandparent’s house. That was quite the workout for mommy trying to push your stroller and you up the big hill. But I need the exercise so I’m not complaining.

It was mommy and daddy’s second wedding’s first anniversary this week. Your grandma made dinner for us and daddy sent flowers and chocolate home for mommy. Plus, he surprised mommy with tickets for a helicopter ride over the Niagara Falls. We’ll take that trip later on as its too cold to do it now. Mommy didn’t get daddy anything this time as our funds were tight. But he knew that so it didn’t bother him. Plus, the helicopter ride is for both of us to enjoy.

Besides that its been a pretty normal week. You have to go back into the doctor’s office to get another needle as he didn’t have the immunization available last time. Hopefully, it won’t be too tough for you this time.

Anyway, darling, that’s all for this week. Happy birthday and don’t you ever forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and kisses always!

Ni’s 17 Week Birthday Letter

20121115-004614.jpgHappy belated 17 week birthday, sweetheart!

I’m sorry for being late with writing this week’s letter. Your mami went to New Jersey this week with your cousin, Simmi to visit her dad. So, we were busy helping her get packed and ready for her trip. Plus, it was your daddy’s birthday on the 27th and mommy was very busy with preparing for his party. But it was a really fun couple of days.

The night before his birthday, your grandma held dinner at their house and we cut his cake there. You spent the night there because it was snowing terribly and grandma didn’t want you to be out in the cold. That night, mommy gave daddy all his birthday gifts and had decorated the living room with tons of balloons. He was really surprised to get so many gifts and I think he really liked them.

The next day, mommy and daddy went to the temple as your daddy had really wanted to start his birthday with blessings from god. Later, Harish Chachu, Jessica and Jassi Mamu came over for dinner and drinks. It was a really fun night but I think we all had a little too much to drink. But we all danced and joked and laughed. Even dinner was fantastic.

So, with preparing all this, mommy didn’t get the chance to write your letter until now. As for you, my little darling, you’ve been such a good baby lately. You sleep so funny these days. You sleep with mommy and daddy in our bed, in between us. But half way through the night you turn and your head is normally pressed agains my chest and feet against daddy. You’ve nearly pushed me off the bed 2-3 times now. But it’s cute because you’re so small and have so much power. But on the bright side, you’ve been sleeping 10-12 hours a night; which has gotten mommy and daddy’s sleep back in routine too.

Anyway, angel, this coming week is going to be interesting; you have your second immunization. I really hope, like last time, you don’t cry too much and just sleep through the stinging of the needle. But I’ll write more about the week later. For now, know that mommy and daddy love you more than anything else in the world. Hugs and kisses always, angel pie and happy birthday again.


Ni’s 13 Week Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday, Darling!

You’re 13 weeks today! Tomorrow you will be 3 full months old. Time has really flown by. You’ve grown so much and everyday, mommy and daddy notice something new that you do. This past week you’ve started making spit bubbles and smiling even more. Even the noises you make have changed. Now you sometimes sigh when you’re tired and your cry has changed too. It’s all so adorable. The more we watch you, the more we fall in love with you.

This past week, mommy and daddy have been sick with a cold. Coughing, congestion and fevers. Even you seemed quite congested. So, we’ve pretty much stayed home all week, except for one day when we went over to your grandparents house. They were anxious to see you as I hadn’t taken you over for nearly a week. And grandma even put new bangles on your little wrists. Don’t worry they’re not heavy and it’s the little black and silver ones that we put to ware off any evil energy. They look quite cute on your little wrists.

Besides that, it’s been a pretty relaxed week. So, I don’t have much to write today. But I’m sure next week is going to be full of adventures. So, I’ll have more to write then.

Until next time, don’t you ever forget how much your mommy and daddy love you. Happy 13 Week Birthday again my darling angel! Xoxox

Ni’s 12 Week Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday Angel!
You’re almost 3 months old and mommy can’t believe how quickly time is going by. You’ve grown so much since when we first brought you home. And you’re getting cuter and more talkative. Plus, you’ve been trying to get up more and more. I put you in your rocker and you try to push yourself up by putting pressure on your elbows. It’s really cute!

This week, we’ve been home and haven’t been out at all. It’s horribly freezing outside, -20 today and yesterday wasn’t any warmer. Plus, there’s been snow, so mommy hasn’t taken you out much. Your grandparents did cone by to visit you. But really that’s been all. So, there’s not much to write this week.

But as always, remember that mommy and daddy love you dearly. Happy 12 week birthday, my darling angel.