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Ni’s 6th Birthday Celebrations

Thought I’d share some of the highlights of baby girl’s birthday with all of you.

She got surprised at school with balloons, cupcakes, toys and tons of treats to share with her classmates the day before.

On her actual birthday, she got to dress up like a cosmic-butterfly and also had a trip to a pumpkin patch.

In the evening, myself and her dad, grandma, an aunt, my brother and sister-in-law surprised her with a cake and gifts. And of course, her maasi (my sister) sent a special gift for her since she wasn’t able to make it.

And of course, we went trick or treating around the block.

I want to thank all of our family and friends for all the love and blessings they showered on my little darling through all social media channels. I read each one of your messages to her and she was so amazed at how many people took the time to wish her. She is a blessed child and we are grateful parents to have all of you around the world joining us with celebrating our little girl.

Feeling humbled ~ Tamana

Planning Begins For Munchkins 1st Birthday Party

Although Ni isn’t a year old yet and her birthday is still a month and a half away, I have begun planning her birthday party. It’s been a stressful and confusing week trying to figure out when and where we’ll hold her party. As you all know, she’s an Halloween baby and so trying to figure out if I wanted to do the party on Halloween or another day was a tough choice. Also, Diwali is on November 2nd this year; which falls on a Saturday, pardon me, which falls on THE Saturday I had planned to throw her party. Unfortunately, I can’t have her birthday then either because we have prayers at home and don’t eat or cook meat at home.

So, finally after all the fuss, D and I have decided to have her birthday on Halloween. We’re not throwing a big bash and inviting too many people. Just about 20 of our close family and friends. Plus, the party is going to be in our home and I plan to cook most of the good myself. We’ve even managed to get our guest list ready and now I just need to find the perfect invites to send out. I saw a great invite on Pinterest a couple of days ago and am really thinking of getting something similar made for Ni. It’s a card with 12 photos of her, one for each past month of her life on the front. I’ll try to put some samples up soon.

I’m not doing a Halloween theme as she’s too young to enjoy it. So, I might just do a nice pink-princess theme. That’s still in the planning. As I chalk up more ideas, I’ll share them with all of you. If you have any good ideas then please share them with me.


Happy Halloween, Kiddies!

Hope everyone had a scary but fun and safe Halloween!

I was home sick for most of the day and after an appointment with the doctor and the meds he gave, I’m feeling much better. I even managed to do se deliveries for my dad this evening.

It was nice to see so many Toronto Police patrolling the streets tonight. With all those little kiddies out and about, I was many Police cruisers on main roads and side streets. Looks like the police services have uped their game this year.

It’s assuring to know that your kids, nieces or nephews are safe out there.

Cheers to the Toronto Police services tonight!