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Quick Update

I feel like I have abandoned my blog lately. But so much is going on that I can’t find the time to write and when the opportunity does present itself, I’m lost in thoughts so deeply that my fingers can’t seem to form words.

I’m nearly at the end of my medical office course and the schedule and course-load has jumped into fast gear. There’s a lot to study these days and although I should probably be studying right now, I’m procrastinating. But this procrastination is a good one, since I’m actually doing something productive by blogging!

Anyway, the update is that my health is absolute shit right now, my heart hurts more days than it feels warm and light, I’ve only lost about 8 lbs. since I began working out and trying to focus on eating properly (which for the record, isn’t going well either). I let someone back into my life a few months ago, well to be honest, they never left my life, we just didn’t talk for a while. But they’re back and I have found myself smiling even when there’s nothing to smile about. However, due to their return, my mind has been really focused on them lately. And no, I’m not going into detail on who they are and why they’re back. If you know my past, you know who they are and you also know how this person can never leave, no matter what happens in our lives.

That’s where I am right now. School and my health are really kicking my ass lately and that leaves me drained and I’ve found myself over medicating to get rest. But out of all the craziness and stupidity that is my life right now, I have to say, intermittent fasting has been keeping me going. It’s been about 2 weeks and I don’t feel hungry or deprived. I’m drinking way more water than I used to and even saying no to Coke more often, finally!

I have three more months of school and placement to go and then I’m rewarding myself with a trip of a lifetime before I start looking for jobs and getting back into the grind! I’ll tell you guys more about this trip in another post because right now I’ve got to get my ass off my phone and into my books to study for my exam tomorrow morning.

Until then, stay blessed! Xoxo

~ Tamana

Cluster-Fuck Of Emotions; Am I Pre-Menopausal?

Lately, I feel like I’m on an emotional roller-coaster, begging to get off. One day I’m sane and normal, the next, I’m giddy and happy, the next, I’m contemplating disappearing into thin air, and the next, I’m a hot, angry mess.

Like what the heck? I mean, this is crazier than my normal level of crazy, so what gives?

I’ve noticed myself losing my shit over the most mediocre stuff and then letting stuff that should drive me up the wall just slip past me. I’ve noticed myself crying over the stupidest of things that would normally mean absolutely nothing to me and laughing or not reacting at all at things that would make even the hardest-shell breakdown and cry.

Along with the emotional trauma I am enduring, I’m waking up drenched in sweat and exhausted as if I never slept all night. Well, I don’t sleep all night. My body hasn’t gotten a solid eight hours of sleep in many years but that’s how I am. But I constantly feel restless and tired although, I’ve slept the normal number of hours my body is used to.

I just cannot understand what the heck is wrong with me. Plus, I’m either always hot or always feeling cold; there is no in between, lately. I barely have an appetite and when I do eat, I feel full before I’ve even gotten through half my meal. Also, for the record, my periods are normal and no, I’m not pregnant!

I normally, don’t talk about such “taboo” or private things on here, however, I know there are a few women that read my blog, and I’m hoping one of you will shine some light on the cluster-fuck that has become my mind and body lately before my appointment with my doctor next week.

Have any of you gone through these crazy moments or physical changes before actually hitting menopause? Any insights would be greatly appreciated and of course, I’m reading up on it as well. But I find sometimes when you hear other people’s experiences, you get a better understanding than what you’ll read on Google. So, please share if you’ve experienced anything of the sort as I am.


Hello, May!

image1.jpegApril brought with it an array of horrid weather. I’m sick of all the rain, mixed temperatures, snow and dull, grey skies. I hope May brings the complete opposite!

I’m ready for going on walks and enjoying evenings in the park with my little munchkin. I’m excited for our endless evenings on the balcony blowing bubbles and barbecuing and drives down to the Scarborough Bluffs. It’s about time Toronto got some good weather!

Along with all of that, I’m jumping on the healthy eating and weight loss bandwagon again, starting today. I’ve decided to come working out 4-5 days a week with a mixture of low-carbohydrate foods and intermittent fasting.

Early January, I was doing intermittent fasting and it worked well for me, especially with the way my schedule was. My schedule has slightly changed now, however, I find an 18/6 hour timeline will work best for me. Combine the fasting with a no-white diet or low-carb and I should be on my way to finally getting rid of this post-partum body I’ve held on to so long.

I also, recently purchased dumbbells to get my arms toned. I was looking for at home exercises that were easy and effective and came across a couple of videos on YouTube that has been working out pretty good for me. I go through both videos within 30 minutes and can feel my body burning. Those workouts are going to be combined with 40-60 minute walks and once the pounds start shedding off, I’ll incorporate getting myself to the gym for more intense workouts.

But for now, I’m starting with this and I’m not setting long-term goals because if you know my past history with weight-loss you’ll know that long-term goals haven’t worked for me. So, I’ve made the short, easy to achieve goals for myself, starting with a simple weight loss of 7-10 pounds per month. I think, this goal is realistic and can be easily achieved with determination.

For my stretches, I was looking for a video that stretched my whole body and actually made me feel like I was working hard. The below video has been great for doing just that. 14 minutes of stretches, each stretch ranging about 30 seconds and at the end of it, you feel it throughout your whole body. My daughter loves doing these stretches with me and has become a good after-school activity for us 5-6 times a week.

Here’s one of the videos I’m using to lose arm flab. I’m using 5 lbs. dumbbells I bought at Walmart for really cheap ($5 each) and they work great. This video allows me to work my arms, shoulders and helps my posture and is easy enough to do that I don’t lose my determination to do it. I’m using this video 4 days a week and think it is working great for me.

Complete these exercises with a nice 40-60 minute brisk walk and I promise you, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished the world when it comes to your health.

I’ve only just begun my routine and so, I cannot post any results yet. However, give me a couple of weeks on this new grind and I’ll post some before/after monthly photos.

Until then, enjoy the resto f your week! xoxo


Quick Update: Health Drama

c64e8e67-97b7-4558-b2b6-2d1e01db56da.jpgHello my lovelies!

I hope you’re all doing well. I am sorry for being  away for the past couple of weeks and not writing. I’ve been dealing with some new health drama that is not relieving itself and which has taken a huge toll on my ability to sit in front of a computer or on my phone and actually type.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a sore back, tailbone (coccyx) to be exact. I didn’t think much of it because I’ve battled with lower back pain since I had my injury at work last year. However, the pain did not go away and continued to get worst. A few days later, I went to see my physician to complain about the pain and when he checked the area, he found nothing there. However, he did suspect I might be getting a pimple or boil in the spot I kept pointing to. He asked me to monitor it and come back to see him if anything popped up.

A few days later, a boil seemed to form on my tailbone and was extremely tender. I went back to my physician, he informed me that the abscess was at the beginning stages of growth and there was nothing he could do for me, except prescribe me antibiotics because a boil or possible cyst on the tailbone is probably the result of staphylococcus bacteria infecting my body.

I didn’t fill the prescription because I didn’t believe it could be a bacterial infection (dumbass me!) and kept monitoring the growth of the cyst. Five days in it slowly began to grow, however, nothing too major. Then bam! The damn think grew overnight to the size of a golf ball and I developed a high fever. I sent Dev to fill the prescription and began the round of antibiotics.

The following day the cyst began to leak puss and blood and I still had a fever and severe chills.

The following morning, I went in to see the doctor, who informed me that I now needed immediate emergency care and told me to go the nearest emergency room(ER).

Long story short, at the hospital, the ER doctor examined and cut the cyst (pilonidal cyst to be exact) and squeezed out all the built-up puss and blood and sent me home with a new hole in my ass.

Anyway, the cyst went away after about 2-2.5 weeks. However, since then, I have felt excruciating pain in my thighs and lower back. Some days the pain is so bad that I can’t walk, sit, stand and even lying down is uncomfortable. My physician increased my dosage of antibiotics and extended the amount of days I was to take it, he also requested blood and urine tests for me; which I had done last Friday. He’s also put me on muscle relaxers that cause bad drowsiness and a high-dosage of painkillers.

Later today, I am going in to see him to get my test results and to hopefully get answers on why my legs feel like someone has beaten them with a hammer continuously.

I’ll provide an update after my appointment later today. However, I wanted to post at least a quick note (although it’s quite long) to let all of you know what’s been going on with me lately.

Wish me luck for my appointment, that I finally get some answers as to why I’m feeling so crappy and in so much pain! Stay blessed and have an amazing week!

xoxo ~ Tamana


Procrastinating To Write

The new year is here and I’ve already begun procrastinating to write my blog posts. I’ve been finding the brain stimulation to actually write extremely challenging, hence why I haven’t written until now.

To be very honest, I’m physically exhausted. I worked all through the holidays without a break and then ended up with a sinus infection, which I’m still battling now.

Question: do you ever get this feeling that not everything is well in your body? For instance, your legs are constantly sore, you get chills at the weirdest times or feel so lethargic that no matter how much you sleep or try to rest, it just doesn’t seem to be enough?

Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling every day for the past couple of months. I have this constant feeling of feeling unwell.

Yes, I know I should seek medical assistance and get myself checked out and I will later this week.

Although, I did try this last Friday but the impatient, asshole of a doctor I got didn’t even bother to hear me out and dismissed my request to get my annual blood work and physical done because he wasn’t my regular doctor.

Like, hello? I’m telling you I’m not feeling well and that it’s been going on for a few months, how about you don’t jump to write a prescription for antibiotics just because I told you I have a sinus infection and actually do your damn job to check me out and figure out what’s wrong with me?

I’ve never left a doctor’s office so irritated that I could actually punch the doctor for being such an impatient dick. (End rant)

So, now I have to wait to see my regular physician when both of our schedules match. Sigh.

Anyway, I hope your new year has started off with a bang and better than mine. I’m not going to make endless promises that I’m going to write everyday or every week. I will write as my body and mind allow me to write. So, please be patient with me as you always are and come back and check up on me regularly because sooner or later, I’ll be back here again!

Xoxo – stay blessed and enjoy yourselves.

~ Tamana

Bell Let’s Talk Day: Mental Health Awareness

For the last eight years on January 31st, Bell Let’s Talk Day has opened up the conversation of mental health. It was an initiative to remove the stigma around mental illness.

In my culture and community, mental illness is still a taboo. We don’t openly speak about depression or mental health issues; you’d be quickly labeled as mental or retarded (for a lack of better word). Which is why the Bell Let’s Talk Day is so important for me.

It’s no secret that I’ve battle with depression and mental instability over the years. Anyone that’s read my blog or knows me personally knows what I’ve gone through and how I’ve struggled to overcome my depression. So for me a day to openly admit and discuss how mental illness affects my life is a day I can’t take for granted.

Mental illness is not a bad thing. Each one of us faces some sort of mental illness throughout our lives. It is now time we speak about it openly and stop hiding behind the masks that everything is okay and that if we speak about our mental struggles people will label or judge us.

Today, let’s check in with our loved ones and open up the conversation for mental health. Every text, tweet or social media conversation with hashtag #BellLetsTalk 5 cents will be donated towards mental health initiatives. Open up the conversation and do your part to make sure you and your loved ones have the support they need when they are struggling.


An App & Reality Check Are Helping Me Reach My Goals

I was home on sick leave for nearly five months. I was dealing with an array of symptoms that eventually led to depression and the depression led to over eating. I knew I had gained weight but when I finally decided to get on the scale and check how much, I was left shocked and horribly depressed. I gained 17 lbs. in five months, sitting at home with minimal exercise. 17 frickin pounds!! I was already over weight to begin with but 17 extra pounds to deal with was not something I was looking forward to.

That was a reality check for me. How did I let myself go this far? Why didn’t I check before and get off my ass and start moving around? How the heck was I going to get rid of this extra weight and get healthy again?

I looked high and low for quick weight loss remedies and diets. But nothing was working. I wasn’t losing any weight and the fad diets were making me feel sluggish and drained; which led to even more depression. 

A friend mentioned downloading a health app and using that to help me lose weight. Really? An app to help me lose weight! How was that going to help? I questioned her recommendation and ended the conversation. 

Later however, I decided to go into the App Store and check out some apps. I’d heard a lot about FitBit, so decided to check it out. I downloaded the Fitbit App to see what all the commotion was about. For those of you who don’t know what Fitbit is, it’s a little bracelet that can track your physical activity and sleep patterns. I didn’t purchase the bracelet because it’s not in my budget to do so. Especially right now, since money is extremely tight. However, I decided to download the app on my iPhone. I constantly have my phone on me, so figure it will track my steps as much as possible. 

The app is easy to use and can be set up to your personal goals. Of course, my goal is to lose weight. So, I’ve indicated that on my app. I’ve also indicated how much weight I would like to lose. So, the app calculates how many calories I should be eating daily and how much water I need to consume to hit my target. It also gives me a date for when I will achieve my weight loss goal if I continue to follow the apps recommendations. My target weight loss date is August 2017. I’m trying to lose 93 lbs. 

At first, the daily calorie count was hard to maintain and I almost never was under or at the recommended calories I should be eating. However, with the help of putting in my daily calories, I come very close each day to not going over the recommended amount. I’ve also increased my water intake to nearly double what the app suggests. The app allows me to search for foods in the calorie chart, so that I can easily find how many calories a food has in it before I consume it. The more I walk, the higher calories I can consume that day. 

I downloaded the app on June 15th. Since then, I have lost 19 lbs. I follow the apps calorie recommendations Monday to Friday and eat as healthy as I can on those days. But allow myself to eat junk food or carbohydrates on the weekends. All in moderation, though. I’ve increase my water intake by 100% from the recommended amount on the app. So, now I’m up to four litres of water a day. I try to get in at least 5000-8000 steps each day and am trying to work my way up to at least 10000 steps daily. My calorie intake has been reduced to 1200 calories a day. 

And I don’t feel bloated, sluggish or crappy any more. My legs don’t hurt as much and I’m sleeping much better. The depression has seemed to fade away significantly because I’ve realized I’m working myself back to a better me and although the results don’t show on my body yet, I feel better as myself again. 
Dev says I look like I’ve lost weight. I don’t see it, though. But the fact that he’s noticed how hard I’ve been working and sees some of the results, makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

Fad diets only worked for a while. But this lifestyle change is showing me that it’s not all that hard to lose weight if you choose the right path and have the determination and the help from a little app!