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Happy New Year!

From my family to yours, Happy 2019!

We wish you an amazing 2019. We hope the New Year brings lots of love, joy, happiness and good health.

We hope your year is filled with tons of family, great adventures and beautiful memories.

~ Tamana & family

Merry Christmas

Merry & Bright.

Here’s wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Hope you’re all surrounded by the ones you love and cherish.

Eat. Pray. Love.

Happy Holidays everyone.

~ Tamana & family

Not So Festive This Year

I don’t know what it is this year, but I just can’t get myself into the holiday spirit. I’m not the least bit excited about it being Christmas and for all of you that have followed my blog over the years would know, that’s extremely shocking, because I am the Martha Stewart of Christmas, normally.

Not this year, though. This year, I could give a rats ass about the holidays or Christmas coming or going and quite frankly, every time I have to open my wallet to buy another gift or item for Christmas, I am left even more annoyed.

Hey, I’m not cheap! I just can’t believe how commercialized this holiday has become and how we’ve all completely fallen for the retail industry’s gimmick of what Christmas is.

Plus, the cost of living has become so expensive, that you’re literally counting every penny to make sure you don’t over spend and blow your budget and then resent it later on, especially after this holiday is over.

Honestly, I’m sick of it all! I want a Christmas where no one gives or gets a present, everyone shares the responsibility of preparing dinner or lunch, what have you, and everyone cleans up after it’s all said and done. Then we all sit together, laugh and talk about stupid, silly things and all the adventures we experienced over the past year and drink ourselves silly.

That’s what the holidays should be about, isn’t it? If so, then how did we all get so wrapped up in gift exchanging and spending/blowing so much money? I mean, if you want to give a loved one something to show them how much they mean to you, can’t you do that all year long? Why must we wait for a stupid “hallmark” holiday to pop up before we can show them?

Well, I told everyone close and dear, this is the last Christmas I am buying and exchanging gifts. There will be no more gift giving allowed during the holidays in my home, moving forward. We’ll all still celebrate the accomplishments we had throughout the year and celebrate the love we have for each other, but not by exchanging gifts.

So, my lovelies, I’m sorry for not posting a more festive post today or for sharing all the amazing recipes of baked goods this year because there are none. Quite frankly, I might just order Chinese food for Christmas dinner and call it a night.

Happy Festivities to all of you, though and do share your perspectives on my thoughts above. Do you think I’m right that the holidays shouldn’t be so complicated and we’ve all lost the true essence of what it means to celebrate Christmas and all the other holidays? Let me know what you think!

Xoxo ~ Tamana

‘Tis The Season

Happy December, my lovelies (sorry, I know I’m a few days late)!

It’s been a hectic few weeks and I haven’t been able to write because every other day I either have a quiz, a test, an exam or a group assignment. Also, I decided to be super-woman last week and picked up an extra shift at work, so, I had no days off between work and school; which of course resulted in exhaustion, leading to me getting sick.

This weekend, I didn’t go to work at all. My body decided to breakdown and allow a nasty little bug to takeover my immune system. Ugh! Like I have time to be sick.

The good thing that came out of all of this is that my little chicklet aka Ms. Nid, got me into the holiday spirit and we put up our tree and even made some gingerbread houses and decorated some yummy gingerbread men. Leave it to kids to get your butt moving and enthusiastic when you barely even feel alive.

However, her persistence served me well and I feel so much better, both spiritually and physically. I was feeling overwhelmed with work and school and life in general and had decided to avoid Christmas altogether. But this little girl put so many smiles on my face over the past few days talking about the holidays that my holiday spirit came back and I am back to being excited for the holidays and Christmas, just the way I used to be all the years before.

Here are some pictures of our tree and gingerbread men and houses.

Have you set up your tree yet? Share some pictures of your Christmas or holiday decorations and traditions for a chance to be featured on my blog.

I’ll write again soon, I promise! I just need to get through a major exam on Monday and then I’ll have more time to myself. Until then, stay blessed and have an amazing weekend. Xoxo

~ Tamana

Happy Diwali

Wishing all of you a prosperous Diwali, lit with all the happiness and love in the world. May Goddess Lakshmi shower upon you: health, wealth and happiness. May all your loved ones surround you on this auspicious day and may you feel the true joys of life.

God bless everyone celebrating and the ones that don’t.

If you’d like to read up more on Diwali, please check out a previous blog post of mine HERE.

(the source of the media image above is unknown, if you know the source, please let me know so that I may give the creator proper credits for their work.)

~ Tamana

Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us and I’m really hoping this year is better than the one that just finished. The past year was extremely busy and stressful. We went through a lot of ups and downs and I’m completely over all the drama and craziness.

Most years I don’t set resolutions for myself because I never complete any of them. But this year, I have a bunch of things on my list that I want to accomplish and I am more determined than ever. I’ll have my resolutions list posted tomorrow for all of you to read and to share your resolutions with me.

For today, enjoy the first day of the New Year! I hope the Lord blesses you with everything you need and want this year and you accomplish everything you strive to do.

Happy 2018, my lovelies! ~Tamana

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating this beautiful time of year. I hope you’re all celebrating with lots of delicious food and tons of loved ones nearby.

We’re not doing a big Christmas this year as our finances are still tight. But we are blessed with good food, a roof over our heads, the necessities of life and we have each other; which is the most important thing.

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and I hope you’re spending it doing what you love most and with people who care about you and love you. God bless and have a very merry Christmas! 🎄

Here are some pics of my tree, the decorations around the house and some of the treats we’ve baked!