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The exhaustion has passed. I am back to me again. I am back into control of myself, my work and my life.

It has been difficult adjusting to all the things that have happened over the past few weeks, but I feel MUCH better now; more satisfied! My rant about me being busy last week was more due to my lack of feeling content and of having control on the things I was doing or was required to do. That too has all passed.

Those reports are out-of-the-way, for the time being. I have a system in place for the rest of my work. I’ve made a routine for my “homely” duties and for my personal needs. Things are starting to look up again.

🙂 Nothing further to add at this moment.




With this soon to come career progress, I feel like I need a new look. New hair, new glasses, new style, new ME.

I’m working on the body change but now the materialistic part of me needs to change. I got the manicure and pedicure this weekend. Next on the list, hair!

I’m thinking of a more polished hair cut with a little red. Something like the style Rihanna has going on the below picture.

But I’m thinking of adding some red to the bangs. Like an under-tone. How about the picture below? (Don’t mind my sloppy drawing)

Since my hair is already black and it’s been a few months since I’ve had it dyed, I think it will take nicely to the red color. A colleague that I work with tells me that the red will look too fake. But really? I mean, come on! Don’t women dye their hair to be someone else in the first place? If we loved ourselves so much and cherished everything about ourselves so much, then why would we “enhance” our look by getting our hair dyed? Coloring our hair and putting on make-up is a way for us to be someone we’re not. Maybe that person is just another aspect of ourselves, an enhanced more polished version of us but it’s still not the “true” or “real” us.

This colleague, well what can I say? She’s judgemental of me because I want to add red color to my hair. But she does not see how much make-up she wears to cover-up her flaws. I am not judgemental of her. The make-up enhances her features and brings out a more beautiful person (I’m only talking about appearance and in no way saying that without the make-up she would not be beautiful). Why is it so easy for her to point the finger at me, when she too is using cosmetics to enhance herself?

Why are people so hypercritical?

Anyway, back to my changes. So, this afternoon after work, I’m going to head down to Marca College and get my hair cut and colored. (http://www.marca-college.com/) The students are  the stylists and it’s quite inexpensive. I’m on a small budget, so I’ve got to look for inexpensive ways to make changes. This probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’m going to be optimistic for once and try it out.

So, after the hair, I thought I would look for new glasses. Oh, by-the-way, I’ll post a picture of my new hair style once I get it done). Anyway, I went to Hakim Optical yesterday to check out a new pair of glasses and well, their styles were pretty lame, at least at the location I went to. Actually, to be quite honest with you, the experience was lame. I walked in, was greeted by a sales representative, and he asked me what I was looking for. I said, “Black frames”. He showed me 2 pairs (one being way too big for my face and the other being a men’s pair) and then told me to look around and find something myself. I found something I liked and had questions about it but the sales rep. was nowhere to be found. So, I continued looking around, hoping he was in the back or something, but he never came back and the other sales reps. were busy with other customers; so, I walked out!

That was a pretty bad experience and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll return to that store. I’m not going to opt out of Hakim optical all together because they have a good reputation for quality glasses and they have some great deals (buy one get one free). But I doubt I’ll be going back to that location anytime soon. I might even write an email to Hakim corporate office about the experience. I’ve read about Mr.Hakim and he seems like the man who values his customers and how they are treated at each and every one of his stores. I’m sure he’ll understand my disappointment with this particular store.

Ok, sorry! I know I have a habit of taking my posts from one subject to the next and then jumping back to the beginning again.

So, after the experience at Hakim Opticals, I decided to go to Ardene. Now, that experience was much better. I purchased 5 accessories for $11.50. Wow! I got a really good deal on those things. I got myself a couple of necklaces, an anklet and a set of 5 bangles. 🙂 The sales rep. was really nice too. I think I might return here soon for more goodies.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work. I’ll keep you posted on the changes and I’ll even post a picture of my new hairstyle once I get it this evening!

Until then – Ciao!


For as long as I can remember, the one thing that I’ve always fought for was the right to my independence. My independence to say, think and do as I please. My independence to act as I want. My independence to be who I want.

But today, I came to realize that I am not independent! I have been so dependent on Vie that I cannot think about anything but him. I cannot do anything without him. I cannot be who I want to be without him. He has become the center of my world.

This scares me!

Next Tuesday he is going out-of-town for a week. I will be by myself for the week. It scares me to think how I will pass the time. I have planned to finish off an essay I need to write for an English course, exercise a few times during the week, get more much-needed sleep and watch some movies.

Although, this should keep me quite busy all week, I know these plans will roll over and I will be sitting here in front of my computer starring at the screen, wondering what to do. I will drive myself crazy wondering what Vie is up to and think about when he will return back to me. I won’t get any of my above mentioned tasks done. The week will come and go and I will dwell on my loneliness only to realize that I am not independent at all and am rather a pathetic, hypercritical human being who does not know what she wants or who she is.

So, how do I become independent again? How am I to become the person I was for many years before I met Vie?


I just remembered to check that lotto max ticket during my lunch. Sadly, my ticket was not in one of the winning tickets. 😦

Bubye goes all those fantasies and dreams. For the moment, at least! 🙂 I’m still determined. Not to win the lottery, but to earn every thing.

Just thought, I’d update on the winnings! 🙂

Brain Freeze

Just when I’m all go and ready to write, my brain freezes and I cannot think of a damn thing to write about. Run to twitter and Facebook. Post a new status: “brain freeze. looking for topics to write about.” And guess what? No one suggests anything. I have over 200 people on my Facebook connects, over 35 on twitter and not a single person suggests anything. Almost makes me want to remove everyone. But I won’t! It’s Friday night. I get it. People are out.

Second attempt: Call Vie up, ask him for suggestions. “I dunno” How sad is that? He’s too busy reading up on the latest mmorpg. He’s distracted.

Hang up with him. Come back to WordPress. Decision made!

I’m going to write about having nothing to write about. Even if no one reads this, I still know I had a brain freeze today and wrote about it.

Brain’s over working now! Why am I so enthusiastic about writing? What will come of it? Travelling back into my childhood. My diaries. OMG my endless hours of bickering, rage and silliness all complied into cute little journals.

I was born to write! I could have been a writer. Not an artist or an under-paid office worker. I was destined to WRITE!

Looking further into my childhood reminds me about what I always wrote about. No, it wasn’t the little fantasies that most girls have. No, it wasn’t about the latest crush. It was all about pain. Emotional. Physical. Is that what I’m good at? Writing about pain? Is it that easy to write about all the sad, pitiful things that happen in our lives? None of my memories recall writing about love or happiness. I remember the tears when writing. Why did I miss noting all the good things? Why did I emphasis and give so much importance to all the crap that happened in my life over all the little happy moments I felt?

I don’t know if it’s possible or not to remember all the happy memories. However, I must. Maybe another post. Maybe another day.

If I remembered, if I wrote about it; would I be someone else today?

$7,438 per shot – Macallan Scotch Whisky

I am not an alcoholic, I do however, love to drink. But $7,438.13 USD (27,321 dirham) per shot of Macallan Scotch-Whisky seems a little overpriced!

MSN.com recently did an article on the “luxuries” of Dubai. On the 27th floor of the Burj Al-Arab hotel in a locked glass cabinet sits a bottle of the most expensive drink in the world. Apparently, only two people have ever paid for a glass of the 55-year old malt scotch-whisky. Now, take a quick guess how the price of this shot was determined.

The luxurious hotel has 27 floors and the building’s height is 321 meters, hence 27,321 dirham. Interesting huh!

Being a non-whiskey drinker, I probably won’t be able to appreciate the value of this drink; however, knowing that it comes with such a steep price tag definitely has me questioning if it is actually worth the price or if we are just paying for the floors and height of the hotel.  

Looking for reviews on anyone of the two people out there that have tried this stuff!

Christmas Eve

Hello & Happy Holidays Sweet World!

Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve?


  • to Christians: the day or I should say, “celebrated as the day” “the Son of God” was born aka Jesus Christ
  • to Children: this day is associated with “Father Christmas” aka Santa Claus bringing them presents
  • to General Laborors & Working Men & Women: a few days off work to enjoy with family & friends
  • to Retailers: months leading up to this day to exploit the “season & belief”
  • to me: let’s talk this through…

To me Christmas has so many meanings. Coming from where I do and growing up where I have has left me a bit confused about the “Holy-Commercialized” day!

My religion does not believe in “the Son of God”. Therefore, one thing is clear, I do not celebrate this day due to respect or expectations of my beliefs. (Religion & me 101 – coming soon!)

Thus, I have a pine tree decorated with beautiful lights and ornaments and topped with a big shining star. My best half (yes, I refer to him as my best half but we’ll call him “Vie”) and I have decorated “stockings”, each making one for the other and symbolizing the love we have for one another. I will cook a turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and some sort of veggies. I will set the table to co-ordinate with my theme this year. There will be a non-traditional dessert and a bottle of vine to set the evening. This year, as everyone gets hit with the “big recession”, we too have decided to not purchase major gifts and will only be stuffing our stockings.

So! What does all this mean to me? It means that I am spending a few days at home, relaxing off work. I am with my Vie. We are sharing a delicious dinner, memorable laughs and those moments that so many of us forget to cherish.

To me: Christmas represents a time to enjoy what I so often forget I am grateful to have.

I don’t know what Christmas means to you. Whether you’re in a church worshiping or wrapped up in all the commercialization of this holiday season. Whatever it means; just remember to take 5 minutes out of your day, look around you, give it a smile, and say thank you to whatever existence you believe brought you here.

And hey, some of us might not have a big family feast, some of us might not even have a turkey or loved one to share this time with; but just know this, there is someone, somewhere out of the 6.69 billion people who has it worst than you.

Thought of the day: Don’t dwell on what you don’t have; smile at what you do!

Happy Holiday and Cheers to you!