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Diet & Health Update

Lately, I’ve felt miserable about all aspects of my life; the way I look, the way I feel, my work, my relationships and everything in between has made me feel like crap. 

Last Sunday, something pushed my buttons severely and I almost exploded in anger. I was so frustrated and finally got to the point of saying, “I am going to become the best me I’ve ever been and show all these motherfuckers what I’m made of.” I took a stand that day, do it, or die trying, but there was no turning back from this feeling. 

A few years ago, a similar event occurred in my life and my determination helped me lose 30 lbs. in three and a half months. It was a lifestyle change, a strict diet and a hell of a lot of determination. Every time I felt weak or wanted to cheat, I just reimagined the anger I had felt before starting this change; it really helped to keep me focus. 

A few months ago I wrote about my weight-loss diet from hell. But I didn’t follow through on it because I let my depression and anxiety get the best of me. Today, I am letting my depression and anxiety feed my determination to become a better me. 

On Monday, I began my diet from hell. It’s been tough, the huge drop of calorie intake has left me slightly lightheaded at times. But as soon a so felt that way, I had a snack to help me bounce back.  Today is the last day of my first week and I am so proud of making it through the first week! 

Before you start reading the details of my diet from hell, understand that this diet is not for everyone. It takes a lot of determination to stay on a diet that is 99% liquids for most of your day. You should probably consult your physician before starting such a diet, especially since you drop your calorie intake to 1000-1200 calories a day. So, please be careful before you jump on this diet. 

It was an experimental diet that happened to work for me and so I am giving it another go. The first three weeks are terribly hard because your body goes through a serious adjustment and your mind shifts and tells you to quit a million times. But once your body has adjusted to the drop in calories and increase in fitness and your mind has realized that you are slowly getting results, your mood will get better and you’ll begin looking and feeling better too. 

You can read the full details, HERE.