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Starting Another Journey To Get Fit

Being home with vertigo with extremely limited physical activity, I have managed to gain another 12 lbs. Randomly speaking to my neighbor yesterday, I asked her to allow me to use her scale to weigh myself, to confirm my suspicions, I have indeed gained weight, more than I expected. 

A couple of days ago, a friend looked at my Whatsapp profile photo and mentioned that I looked like I had gained weight to my face. I didn’t think much out of it at the time. But yesterday’s revelation left me feeling miserable and disgusted. It wasn’t a shock that I had gained weight because I could see and feel it with how my clothes had been fitting recently. But the amount of weight gain left me in disbelief. 

I haven’t been moving around much or goin for walks. Just the walk to the car and back up to my apartment and that too only once or twice a week, depending on how my dizziness was treating me. 

I’ve decided to try my meal replacement shakes again and use an appetite suppressant to help control the hunger fangs. I’ve spoken to my doctor about the weight gain and he too was very concerned with how much weight I’ve gained since having my daughter and why I wasn’t taking better care of myself. I told him I needed help to get me started and suggested the appetite suppressants and shakes and although he was hesitant to let me go on a diet, he agreed to let me begin with this and move myself towards better and wiser eating habits. He’s also encouraged me to go for small walks numerous times a day. He said to walk in the apartment or hallway and go slowly but to definitely walk. I remember back in 2010, when I lost 30 lbs in three months, I was walking nearly  two hours everyday after I got home from work. I would put on my headphones, play some music and walk as far as I could around 4-5 blocks and back. It was exhausting but so rewarding at the end. The walking combined with the meal replacement shakes, I was losing inche from every part of my body, my face looked toned and I felt good about myself.

I want to feel good about myself again. I’ve picked up my shakes and purchased the appetite suppressants to jump start my weight loss journey. I will be taking two appetite suppressants in the morning and two in the evening per the instructions on the label. For breakfast, I will be drinking a meal replacement shake followed by a large cup of black coffee. For lunch, I will eliminate grains and any product that is white in colour and only have vegetables, meat and some fruits. For dinner, another meal replacement shake. I will also be taking my daily multivitamin to ensure that I’m not missing any essential vitamins while on my journey.

If you recall, my diet from hell post a while back, I was having the shakes in the morning and for lunch. That was fine while I was working because dinner used to be early enough  that I could burn off what I was eating. But being home right now and feeling how I do, I think a light dinner will benefit me more. Plus, if I get hunger fangs, I can drink my hearts content of water and maybe even have a small fruit. 

I know this meal plan seems extreme. But it has worked for me in the past and with trial and error my body adjusted and I didn’t have any major or minor issues come up. I strongly believe that weight loss is healthy eating and being active but I also believe that every person and their body is different and we all react to different methods differently. So this plan might work for me but might not work for you. I’m not a nutritionalist, nor am I a weight loss guru. I’ve just found what works with my body. If you’re going to try this weight loss method, please consult with your doctor before you begin. Make sure you’re taking the right vitamins and eating the right foods to boost your weight loss. 

Good luck on your journey and wish me luck and strength too. I will keep you posted on how I’m doing. But if you’ve got any suggestions or ideas, please do share them with me!

Diet & Health Update

Lately, I’ve felt miserable about all aspects of my life; the way I look, the way I feel, my work, my relationships and everything in between has made me feel like crap. 

Last Sunday, something pushed my buttons severely and I almost exploded in anger. I was so frustrated and finally got to the point of saying, “I am going to become the best me I’ve ever been and show all these motherfuckers what I’m made of.” I took a stand that day, do it, or die trying, but there was no turning back from this feeling. 

A few years ago, a similar event occurred in my life and my determination helped me lose 30 lbs. in three and a half months. It was a lifestyle change, a strict diet and a hell of a lot of determination. Every time I felt weak or wanted to cheat, I just reimagined the anger I had felt before starting this change; it really helped to keep me focus. 

A few months ago I wrote about my weight-loss diet from hell. But I didn’t follow through on it because I let my depression and anxiety get the best of me. Today, I am letting my depression and anxiety feed my determination to become a better me. 

On Monday, I began my diet from hell. It’s been tough, the huge drop of calorie intake has left me slightly lightheaded at times. But as soon a so felt that way, I had a snack to help me bounce back.  Today is the last day of my first week and I am so proud of making it through the first week! 

Before you start reading the details of my diet from hell, understand that this diet is not for everyone. It takes a lot of determination to stay on a diet that is 99% liquids for most of your day. You should probably consult your physician before starting such a diet, especially since you drop your calorie intake to 1000-1200 calories a day. So, please be careful before you jump on this diet. 

It was an experimental diet that happened to work for me and so I am giving it another go. The first three weeks are terribly hard because your body goes through a serious adjustment and your mind shifts and tells you to quit a million times. But once your body has adjusted to the drop in calories and increase in fitness and your mind has realized that you are slowly getting results, your mood will get better and you’ll begin looking and feeling better too. 

You can read the full details, HERE.

Sprained Ankle: A Sign I Need To Move More

Last week I wrote about my 10K steps initiative to a healthier lifestyle. I managed to follow through on that until Saturday afternoon. I took Ni for a walk through Bluffer’s Park and ended up spraining my ankle and heel. Yay me! NOT!!!!

But that just goes to show that because I have been inactive for so long my body was very out of shape; more than I anticipated. Although, I’ve been on best rest these pay couple of days, I am not letting the sprain discourage me. As soon as my ankle and heel heal again, I will be up and about on my lunch-time walks. I just need to get off my ass first.

I also got on a scale yesterday. I’ve managed to gain 6 lbs. and almost passed out when I saw that. 6 lbs. doesn’t seem like a lot but ask a person that has been trying to lose weight how hard it is to take of 6 lbs. and you’ll understand why I almost collapsed. I couldn’t believe it. I could. Because I’ve been terribly bad with chocolate and junk food but seriously 6 friggin pounds? Wtf????

I need to get serious. I’m turning into a lazy fuck and I really want to fit into that dress (hopefully before this summer is over). I’m going to seriously begin taking a look at my food choices and get off my ass more often. I have to! I need to! I will!!!!

10K Steps Daily Towards A Healthier Future

As you all know, for the longest time, I’ve been on a journey to lose weight. I’ve tried diets, I’ve tried adjusting my eating habits, I’ve even cut out many foods from my diet. But I haven’t lost any weight. The problem is, I love food. I enjoy eating. Not over-eating. But I enjoy a good meal. I like my steaks, I love all-day breakfasts, I like rice and I like cheese and when you’re a foodie, you eat and you don’t skimp out on your meals. But that also means, you don’t lose weight. So, everything I’ve tried to lose weight, clearly hasn’t been working. With my depression and constant emotional roller-coaster, I indulge and have many set-backs.

So, cutting out food is not an option for me. Let’s face it, I love to eat. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t lose weight. My iPhone health app allows me to track how many steps I take each day. So, I’ve watched my steps. According to the Canadian Health Guide, by taking at least 10,000 steps a day you promote a healthy future for yourself. I think, since I’ve started counting my steps, I’ve only hit 10K steps twice. But I’ve gotten close many times. Taking a little stroll during lunch-time may have gotten me closer to that 10K mark; had I not been lazy.

I’ve decided to work on losing weight through walking. Walking at a faster pace than I normally would and hitting at 10K steps per day, is sure to help me lose between 1/2-1 lbs. a week; which sounds like nothing but actually adds up to about 4 lbs. a month and 12 lbs. a year. I know, it’s still not much. But if I can limit my sugar in-take, avoid Coca-Cola then I am sure those 1/2-1 lbs. per week could potentially turn into 2-3 lbs. a week.

I don’t want to lose weight fast. I mean, I do but I want it to be healthy weight-loss and sustainable. So, I’m taking the long-route, the one that promotes a healthy lifestyle and “hopefully” permanent weight-loss.

Coming Soon: Progress Report For The New and Improved Me

I know this is a tight deadline. I know I need to have a lot of confidence, discipline and control over myself. I know this will be hard. But I’ve done it in the past and I am confident I can do it again.

On April 1st, I am embarking on a journey of weight-loss. A last attempt to make myself look and feel right. I’ve started this journey many times. But have constantly failed because I gave up far too easily and didn’t fight for myself. Today, I am not going to give up. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how much it hurts and no matter what anyone says; I am going to succeed this time; which is why this is my last attempt.

I recently purchased a dress. A stunning LBD that made me feel like a princess in a fairly tale. As I put the dress over my head, I knew it was tight. But I managed to get it on and even took some photos in it. I loved it, despite it being extremely tight from the bust and waist. I twirled in it. I just loved it. I sent the photos to my hubby, sister, mother, neighbor and good friend and all of them gave me the same reaction, “you look stunning”. Too bad, they couldn’t see how tight it was on me due to the black color of the dress.

The Dress

For the first time in nearly 5 years of being with D, he told me that I looked absolutely stunning, the dress was beautiful and despite it being tight, he wanted me to keep it. He told me

that I look gorgeous in it, but if I could lose 10-15 lbs. to fit perfectly into it, I would look even more stunning. No this was not his way of putting me down. He truly was amazed at how confident I felt and beautiful I looked in this dress and was only trying to encourage me to fight one of the biggest battles of my life; weight-loss.

I took his words to heart. I knew I felt amazing in that dress. I knew I wanted to wear it when we went out to dinner in the summer. But I just needed to fit into it, properly that is. So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to fit into that dress.

Without much effort and probably due to having a stomach flu and bacterial infection for the past few weeks, I’ve managed to lose 15 lbs. But the dress still does not fit as it should; which means, I need to lose more weight. I know I am overweight, probably more than 50 lbs. overweight. Right now, my goal and challenge is to lose 20 lbs. by the end of May 2015.

I’ beginning my weight-loss challenge by preparing for the next seven days, limiting my junk-food intake, gradually reducing sugars until completely coming off them and limiting starch.

On day one, April 1st that is, I will begin my day with warm lemon-water and Freshii’s juice cleanse for three days, followed by a 9am – 5pm diet containing mostly of raw vegetables, fruits and plenty of water. Dinner(s) will consist of fish and chicken sauteed and served with plenty more veggies.

Here’s how I look right now.

Me After Losing 15 lbs. - March 23, 2015

Every couple of weeks, I’ll post a full-body selfies as my weight-loss progresses. To see even more progress, meals and other exciting photos of my weight-loss challenge, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@ziddi) or Twitter (@zidditamana).

Stay tune for the progress towards the new and improved ME!