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It’s Time To Walk Away

“When resentment takes over; it’s time to walk away.

When unfulfilled expectations build-up; it’s time to walk away.

When you’ve exceeded the limits of begging; it’s time to walk away.

When your throat is sore from yelling and fighting for what should be rightfully yours; it’s time to walk away.

When the tears have dried and only fire burns your eyes; it’s time to walk away.

When you’ve exhausted all means of communication; it’s time to walk away.

It’s time to walk away, when you realize your self-worth.

It’s time to walk away, when you realize you deserve so much more.

It’s time to walk away!”


Nid’s 7th Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday, my precious darling.

Today I wish you all the happiness the world has to offer. I wish you success and wisdom with everything you do. I wish you strength and tolerance to overcome every obstacle and fear. But most of all, I wish you love; may your heart forever be filled by it and may you always project that same love out into the world.

This past year you have grown so much as a young lady, sometimes working your magic on keeping me in line. Most days I wonder how I got so blessed to become your mother. You have been my strength this past year, helping me get through the many obstacles and fears that overcame my mind and heart.

The older you get the more I realize that I have a best friend growing before my eyes. You are the love of my life. You and I both know I never liked children, I still don’t today. But you, my darling, have taught me that there are little angels like you that fortunate mothers like me get blessed with which make loving children so important and necessary. You have taught me to love, to be patient and to accept what life gives me.

Your cleverness and intelligence makes me question my own intelligence. Your maturity makes me wonder which one of us is the mother and which one of us is the child. Your sassiness and wittiness has shown me a side of myself that I don’t know yet if I should celebrate or fear. But most of all, the love and affection you portray to me and the rest of the world has taught me to be a better person.

You are the blessing every mother asks for when praying for a child. Someone up there must really love me because I was blessed to have you come into my life.

I love you baby girl and wish you nothing but the best life has to offer. Happy 7th Birthday, Nid! Xoxo


10 Things A Woman Expects From A Man

I feel like lately I am constantly pulling my hair out trying to explain to people (mostly men) what I mean when I say something or what I want. I’ll make another post about what I say versus what I mean. But you’d think most men would know what women want by now, clearly that isn’t the case.

Here’s my list of the things I expect from the man in my life and in general.

  1. Truth – don’t lie to me, tell me the complete, unaltered truth; even if it’s going to hurt me. I’d rather have the truth than a half lie just to later find out and be hurt.
  2. Respect – this is earned but should be given no matter what the circumstances may be. If I give you respect, I expect the same level in return.
  3. Tell me I’m beautiful – every woman is sexy, but telling a woman that she’s beautiful means she’s beautiful not just on the surface. Beauty fades, a beautiful soul, heart and personality remains.
  4. Give me undivided attention – when it comes to you, you are the only person on my mind. My attention, my focus is only on you. So when it comes to me, your focus should only be on me, undistracted.
  5. Kiss my forehead – kissing a woman’s forehead is one of the sweetest, genuine forms of love and affection you could show her. To her, it means you value her, respect her and love her.
  6. Hold my hand – especially when I’m being a miserable bitch. Did you know, human touch can calm and de-stress a person faster than anything else? Hold my hand when I pull away, when I’m stressed, when I’m blank, tired and feeling lost.
  7. Hug me from behind – wrap your arms around my waist, rest your head against mine and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. The strength of a mans arms around a woman’s body gives her security. I’m an alpha female but even I need the assurance that I’m protected and cared for from time-to-time.
  8. Good morning/night & midday random texts – this one seems stupid, but it makes a big difference knowing that I was the first thought of your day or the last thought before you laid yourself to rest. Waking up to a waiting text because someone thought of you through their busy day or first/last thing, is a refreshing feeling.
  9. Surprises – these don’t have to be big or wow factors, but something as simple as a chocolate or keychain or anything that you saw that made you think of me. Material things eventually get lost or thrown out but the gesture behind it is what gets captured in our memories.
  10. Speak to me – open up to me about your day, what pissed you off, what went good. Tell me the little things that you dream about and the big goals you’ve set for yourself. Share your deepest darkest secrets. Just speak to me, have deep, long conversations about anything and everything. Let me gain some knowledge from you as you gain some from me.

These are my basic ten things that I require to stay sane and calm. It’s simple little things that make all the difference in my world. I’m not one of those women that desire grand-gestures. I have no need for material things. But I want to feel loved, not just be told that I’m loved and if I don’t feel loved, valued and appreciated, there’s really no place for you in my world.

There are other mediocre things that I require as well, but these aren’t as important as the above. Power to you if you can keep up with these as well. Here they are.

Happy Birthday, Shauna!

You are my wild-child, the crazy, nutty, hilarious friend that I am so thankful to have. You keep me in line when I start messing up and always have my back in my time of need. You’ve brighten my days when I was down and felt like shit with all the hilarious, inappropriate comments and memes exchanged between us. But you’ve also been there during my up times and celebrated life with me; which I am so grateful for.

So, today, I want to say happy birthday and thank you for being such an amazing influence in my life. Although, we met in hell, I am so thankful for that “hell” because it brought you into my life. I wish you all the happiness and love the world has to offer and success in everything you do.

Love you to pieces and don’t know what I’d do without you and all the nonsense jokes and arguments between us, jerk pork! 🤣🤣🤣

Happy Birthday, Shaunananananana! 😘

Happiness Vibes

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? Do you ever catch yourself thinking uncontrollably about being happy? Do you ever find yourself lost in a different world?

I chose to be happy. Life isn’t perfect. The characters in this life aren’t perfect either. But I decided to look beyond perfection and choose happiness instead of picking at flaws.

Maybe it is the decision of wanting to exhale all the bullshit I’ve kept inside me for long. Maybe it is all about finding myself and loving myself all over again. Maybe it is choosing to accept the things I cannot change and making the best out of the worst situations I could be in.

Whatever the cause maybe; I feel light, at peace and content in this moment and I haven’t felt that in many years.

Life will always throw curveballs your way and try to push you off track. The thing to keep in mind is to catch that ball and throw it back even harder than it originally came at you. So, I’m doing just that: throwing back all the negativity and fuckery thrown at me and allowing myself to only accept happiness and things that feed my soul.

I’ve caught myself daydreaming, lost in another dimension, in love madly with my person and I haven’t felt more beautiful, relieved and at one with myself than I have ever before.

So, go #exhalethebullshit and fall in love with life again because yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised. Life is too short to be anything but happy.


Happy Birthday, Dev!

Happy 37th Birthday, sweetheart! I wish you an abundance of love and happiness and pray all your dreams and goals come true.

You are a blessing in my and Nid’s lives. You’re an amazing friend, companion, father and truly a beautiful human-being, both inside and out.

Today, I want to thank you for being my best-friend and for putting up with me and all my crazy, irrational ways. It takes a very special type of person to be able to deal with a whack-up like me and you’ve done such a good job at it for so many years; just goes to show what an exceptional person you are.

So, thank you once again for all you do for Nid and I. We love you dearly and pray you have the most awesomest of birthdays ever!

Xoxo ~ Tamana

Merry Christmas

Merry & Bright.

Here’s wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Hope you’re all surrounded by the ones you love and cherish.

Eat. Pray. Love.

Happy Holidays everyone.

~ Tamana & family