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Starting Another Journey To Get Fit

Being home with vertigo with extremely limited physical activity, I have managed to gain another 12 lbs. Randomly speaking to my neighbor yesterday, I asked her to allow me to use her scale to weigh myself, to confirm my suspicions, I have indeed gained weight, more than I expected. 

A couple of days ago, a friend looked at my Whatsapp profile photo and mentioned that I looked like I had gained weight to my face. I didn’t think much out of it at the time. But yesterday’s revelation left me feeling miserable and disgusted. It wasn’t a shock that I had gained weight because I could see and feel it with how my clothes had been fitting recently. But the amount of weight gain left me in disbelief. 

I haven’t been moving around much or goin for walks. Just the walk to the car and back up to my apartment and that too only once or twice a week, depending on how my dizziness was treating me. 

I’ve decided to try my meal replacement shakes again and use an appetite suppressant to help control the hunger fangs. I’ve spoken to my doctor about the weight gain and he too was very concerned with how much weight I’ve gained since having my daughter and why I wasn’t taking better care of myself. I told him I needed help to get me started and suggested the appetite suppressants and shakes and although he was hesitant to let me go on a diet, he agreed to let me begin with this and move myself towards better and wiser eating habits. He’s also encouraged me to go for small walks numerous times a day. He said to walk in the apartment or hallway and go slowly but to definitely walk. I remember back in 2010, when I lost 30 lbs in three months, I was walking nearly  two hours everyday after I got home from work. I would put on my headphones, play some music and walk as far as I could around 4-5 blocks and back. It was exhausting but so rewarding at the end. The walking combined with the meal replacement shakes, I was losing inche from every part of my body, my face looked toned and I felt good about myself.

I want to feel good about myself again. I’ve picked up my shakes and purchased the appetite suppressants to jump start my weight loss journey. I will be taking two appetite suppressants in the morning and two in the evening per the instructions on the label. For breakfast, I will be drinking a meal replacement shake followed by a large cup of black coffee. For lunch, I will eliminate grains and any product that is white in colour and only have vegetables, meat and some fruits. For dinner, another meal replacement shake. I will also be taking my daily multivitamin to ensure that I’m not missing any essential vitamins while on my journey.

If you recall, my diet from hell post a while back, I was having the shakes in the morning and for lunch. That was fine while I was working because dinner used to be early enough  that I could burn off what I was eating. But being home right now and feeling how I do, I think a light dinner will benefit me more. Plus, if I get hunger fangs, I can drink my hearts content of water and maybe even have a small fruit. 

I know this meal plan seems extreme. But it has worked for me in the past and with trial and error my body adjusted and I didn’t have any major or minor issues come up. I strongly believe that weight loss is healthy eating and being active but I also believe that every person and their body is different and we all react to different methods differently. So this plan might work for me but might not work for you. I’m not a nutritionalist, nor am I a weight loss guru. I’ve just found what works with my body. If you’re going to try this weight loss method, please consult with your doctor before you begin. Make sure you’re taking the right vitamins and eating the right foods to boost your weight loss. 

Good luck on your journey and wish me luck and strength too. I will keep you posted on how I’m doing. But if you’ve got any suggestions or ideas, please do share them with me!

Diet From Hell – Update

A couple of weeks ago I started the diet from hell, aka the 9-5 liquid diet. I haven’t checked my weight over the past few weeks, so I have no clue if I’ve actually lost weight or not. The only thing I’ve done everyday is writing my daily food in-take and counting calories; which has helped me manage what I’m eating or drinking throughout the day.

I’ve had a few cheat days these past few weeks because I wasn’t feeling well and needed more than liquid to help me get through the day. However, I’ve maintained a 1300-1500 calorie intake and haven’t exceeded it yet. I know that’s a very few number of calories, but that’s what’s going to get me to lose the weight.

Here’s a typical day of meals and shakes for me:

Glass of water
XL black coffee
Meal replacement shake

Glass of water
1/2 snack bar
Glass of water

Glass of water
Meal replacement shake

Glass of water
Cup of herbal black tea
Glass of water

Glass of water
Indian curry
1/2 a roti
Large salad with grilled chicken
Large bowl of soup

Trust me, it’s been tough. But once the pounds start shedding off, I’ll be happy I made the sacrifice. Oh and just so you know, I’m not completely depriving myself. Tonight’s treat was a Chapman’s Fudgecicle and it was well deserved!

Stay tuned for my weigh-in at the end of the month.

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Weight-Loss Diet From Hell: Start

photoI just weighed myself for the first time since September 20th, when I got weighed at my ob’s office. I’ve lost 10 lbs and didn’t even know about it. Now I weigh 246 lbs. (I can’t believe I just wrote my weight for all of you)

I started my diet today. I’m a bit nervous about how it’s going to go and what I’m going to feel like by the end of the day. But I know the results will eventually be great. I just need to stay focused and strict for a couple of weeks and then it will be much easier.




The Plan:

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake and black coffee

Snack: Meal replacement snack bar

Lunch: Meal replacement shake

Snack: Black tea and meal replacement snack bar

Dinner: Sauteed veggies and chicken in fat-free Teriyaki sauce

It seems hard and it is. But I’m determined and know I won’t binge. But I’ll let you all know how I’m doing later this week. Stay tuned!

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The Weight-Loss Diet From Hell; That Works!

Disclaimer: Before reading any further, know this: I am not a professional dietician. I do not endorse the use of any products. This diet is hard to do but the results are permanent (unless you go on a crazy dessert diet, then I can’t help you). Before attempting this or any diet, make sure to consult your physician.

This diet worked for me in the past and I lost 30 lbs. in 3 months. But I was ridiculously strict with myself and never once splurged when I shouldn’t have. I call it the diet from hell because not only do you constantly feel hungry for the first 2 weeks, but your mood is just as crappy. Oh and if you’re not a milk drinker like me, get ready to make the toilet your best friend.

I came up with this diet on my own terms. It was what was convenient for me and my schedule and it just so happened to work. Like I mentioned above, I only did it for 3 months and lost 30 lbs. Up until I got pregnant last year, I kept the weight off but didn’t continue to do the diet because D and I are foodies and love to eat. It was an extremely hard diet to follow, especially for the first few weeks. They say it takes our bodies at least 3 weeks to get used to a diet before we stop having the feeling of starvation and that’s definitely true. Those first few weeks are a bitch to deal with. I felt hungry and miserable. I was constantly thinking about food and would be quickly annoyed if someone was eating in front of me. But eventually, you learn to get used to it and food isn’t a very big issue after that. You’ll see the inches and pounds shed off within the first month.

Here’s what you do:

Monday – Friday (8am -5pm)
Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water throughout these hours.
Breakfast: Meal replacement shake & black coffee

Snack: Meal replacement snack bar
Lunch: Meal replacement shake

Snack: Tea/Coffee no sugar or milk

Dinner: 2/3 veggies, 1/3 meat

Limitations and exclusions:

  • The GOAL: Eliminating all “whites” out of your diet Monday to Friday
  • Absolutely NO: dairy, bread, rice, potatoes, bananas, sugar, salt, pasta

Friday – Sunday:

Eat whatever you want. But no pop and limit desserts to one per month

I know this seems intense and your tummy will grumble for food. But if you stick to this, you’ll get the results you want without gaining it all back as soon as you stop. Also, after you lose your desired weight, you can bring foods back into your diet, Monday to Friday. But stay away from junk food. If you “need” to have McDonald’s or Wendy’s, then just have the burger or nuggets and skip the fries and pop. Or just have the fries and skip the burger and pop.

Reminder: Don’t forget to take your multivitamins. I took one a day, plus I took fish & salmon oil and Omega 3-6-9 combination pill and my doctor never complained about this diet plan. You’ll also need to go for walks more often to optimize results. I walked 2-3 times a week for an hour at a time, sometimes even more.

I will be re-starting this diet on Monday January 20th. I don’t have a target goal in mind anymore. All I know is that I want to lose weight and be healthier for Ni. The summer is coming (not fast enough in some cases) and I want to do lots of fun activities with her outdoors this year; long walks, play-dates at the park, teach her how to swim, etc. The list just  goes on. So, I’m getting strict and I’m cutting out white foods out of my diet Monday to Friday and will be on this liquid diet from 8 am to 5 pm (M-F).

I’ll keep you posted on my start and my week-by-week results. If you’re starting your own journey to a healthier, lighter lifestyle, please do share it with me. I’d love to hear what you’re doing to look and feel your very best.

Cheers! ~Tamana

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Day Four – Weight-Loss Challenge

It was a busy day and D, myself and Ni all had a doctor’s appointment; which is why I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday’s meals.

So, here’s yesterday’s food journal:

Cup of green tea
Bottle of Boost meal replacement shake

Slim-fast snack bar

Flatbread sandwich from Subway (minimal low-fat mayo and lots of veggies)
2 glasses of water

Slim-fast snack bar

Boost meal replacement shake

As you can notice I’ve started drinking meal replacement shakes again. I’m finding it too hard to not eat everything I make for D and so have turned to the shakes for breakfast and dinner. I don’t plan to have them all the time, just when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to end up eating easy accessible junk food. The shakes are only 240 calories and keep me full for a long while. I even pour them into the blender with some ice and make a proper frozen shake out of then. They taste delicious!

If you can’t figure what to have for breakfast or dinner, try those Boost or Slim-fast shakes; they’re actually quite tasty and filling.