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Cluster-Fuck Of Emotions; Am I Pre-Menopausal?

Lately, I feel like I’m on an emotional roller-coaster, begging to get off. One day I’m sane and normal, the next, I’m giddy and happy, the next, I’m contemplating disappearing into thin air, and the next, I’m a hot, angry mess.

Like what the heck? I mean, this is crazier than my normal level of crazy, so what gives?

I’ve noticed myself losing my shit over the most mediocre stuff and then letting stuff that should drive me up the wall just slip past me. I’ve noticed myself crying over the stupidest of things that would normally mean absolutely nothing to me and laughing or not reacting at all at things that would make even the hardest-shell breakdown and cry.

Along with the emotional trauma I am enduring, I’m waking up drenched in sweat and exhausted as if I never slept all night. Well, I don’t sleep all night. My body hasn’t gotten a solid eight hours of sleep in many years but that’s how I am. But I constantly feel restless and tired although, I’ve slept the normal number of hours my body is used to.

I just cannot understand what the heck is wrong with me. Plus, I’m either always hot or always feeling cold; there is no in between, lately. I barely have an appetite and when I do eat, I feel full before I’ve even gotten through half my meal. Also, for the record, my periods are normal and no, I’m not pregnant!

I normally, don’t talk about such “taboo” or private things on here, however, I know there are a few women that read my blog, and I’m hoping one of you will shine some light on the cluster-fuck that has become my mind and body lately before my appointment with my doctor next week.

Have any of you gone through these crazy moments or physical changes before actually hitting menopause? Any insights would be greatly appreciated and of course, I’m reading up on it as well. But I find sometimes when you hear other people’s experiences, you get a better understanding than what you’ll read on Google. So, please share if you’ve experienced anything of the sort as I am.