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Photos of Delhi to Mumbai via Rajdhani Express Railway

March 7th, 2012 4:30 pm:

We traveled to Mumbai by Rajdhani, a train in India which is known for its comfort, cleanliness and good in-train catering services. The trip from Delhi to Mumbai took nearly 16 hours and was quite exhausting. However, I managed to get some photos the day of and the morning before we arrived in Mumbai.

Although, I have traveled by train in India, I’ve never been south of Delhi via train. So, this was an awesome experience. Plus, I had a window seat, so my iPhone and I were quite busy snapping away the country-side of India.

Enjoy these for now and I’ll have more pictures up soon of the wedding, Goa and our hotel.

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Quick Update From Pune

Being in Delhi for only two days was definitely hard. I love Delhi. It holds a special place in my heart. Sadly, though I only got very little time to shop and drive around. Gladly I was able to spend a few hours with my bestie. I haven’t seen her in four and a half years. So much has changed in her world and mine. She’s married now and has a five month daughter. And me, I’m getting married in four days! It was definitely great to catch up with her, I just wish I had more time.

Well, I actually might! She motioned that her hubby and a few friends are taking her to Goa for her birthday on the 23rd of the month. I think, D and I are going to be in Goa as well during the time. So, me and her are planning to meet in Goa for dinner to celebrate her bday and my wedding. Plus, we’ll both be able to meet each other’s husbands.

I can’t wait until Goa! But I’ve gotta go for now….xoxox

Top 20 Things To Do In Mumbai

I haven’t seen Bombay or shall I say Mumbai for quite a few years. But when I was there last, nine years ago it was one hectic city. It actually reminds me of New York City, whereas Delhi reminds of Toronto.

Anyway, Mumbai is a beautiful city, it’s always full of life and never sleeps. The night life is awesome! So, let’s go through my tour of Mumbai….

  1. Have Sev Batata Puri:
    This is like those chaats from Delhi. Its tangy and delicious street food. A must try!
  2. Shop at Chor Bazaar:Although its called Chor Bazaar, thieves have no place there. But you’ll be able to find anything and everything at awesomely cheap prices.
  3. Visit Gateway of India:This is a great place to visit. It’s an historic monument and attracts all sorts of people.
  4. Visit Taj Mahal Palace:Since you’re near the Gateway of India, don’t forget to visit the Taj Palace. It’s a hotel with a lot of history. The architecture is absolutely stunning and high tea is definitely an experience you must enjoy!
  5. Go Clubbing:The nightlife in Mumbai is so much fun. It’s one of the cities that never sleeps and clubbing is a must do.
  6. Walk/Drive to Marine Road:In South Mumbai, this one of those romantic walks/drives that you just cannot miss.
  7. Ride the Local Train:You think there’s rush on local subways here in Toronto or even New York? Well, you’re in for a surprise when you experience the rush of the local trains in Mumbai. All-in-all, it’s fun but be careful because there’s lots of pushing.
  8. Visit Bollywood:Bollywood aka Mumbai’s Hollywood. You must visit because this is where all the magic happens. Plus you might even spot some celebrities!
  9. Visit Chhatrapati Shivaji Temple:This temple is actually the central headquarters of the railway industry in India. Plus, it’s a railways station. The architecture is inspiring!
  10. Take a Cab Ride:The cabs in Mumbai are classic. Each one is decorated in its own style and mostly have music blaring in the background. It’s quite an experience.

These are my top 10 for Mumbai. When I’m back from my trip and have enjoyed a Mumbai more I’ll add more to the list!

On My Way To India

I'm on my way to India as many of you read this, Toronto --> Abu Dhabi --> New Delhi.

Yes, the day has finally come when I’m on my way to make my happily ever after come true. My wedding is less than ten days away and there are so many feelings running through me right now.

I’m getting married in ten days! I’m so excited and eager to finally become D’s wife. I’m going to start the rest of my life. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am. Along with the wedding, I’m finally going back to India! I’ve missed India since I left four and half years ago. I’ve missed my friends dearly and the life I had in India for those six months I was there last. And finally, I’m on my way!

By the time you all read this I will have boarded the plane already. I had to set up all my posts in advance for today as for the rest of March, since I knew I probably wouldn’t have much time today.

As the month progresses, you’ll all get to know me better because I’ve left a great treat for you. I’ve written multiple posts about my life and who I really am and have scheduled them to go live every other day. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough to post daily. But hopefully if technology’s on my side, I’ll get to post from India. I just don’t what the wi-fi and Internet usage is there. But I promise to try.

So, wish me luck and give me all your blessings. And don’t forget to check back regularly because although, I’ll be away, I’ve left my story for all of you to read as a backup.

I’ll see you all at the end of March. Until then, lots of hugs, lovies! xoxo


Quick Update: I Must Confess

I promised all of you the story of my life for the month of March. I must confess, it’s been just so hectic for me that I’ve only gotten half way. So, instead of having a post every-other day, I’m going to set them two days apart. I’m really sorry for not keeping my word, but you can imagine how my home and work life have been lately. 🙂

But I am almost done working on my Top 20‘s for Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. I think I’ll have to prep the Top 20’s for Goa in short.

Anyway, I’ll have the Delhi one up later today!

Stay tuned….

Top 20 Things You Must Do – The Series. Coming Soon!

An online friend of mine, originally from Pune, sent me a list of things to do and see in Pune. Since, this will be my first trip to Pune, his “things to do and see” list was greatly welcomed. As I went through his list, I realized that maybe I should share my top 20 things to do and see in Delhi, since that’s my hometown and I know it in and out.

So, I’m doing a series of posts of the “Top 20 Things You Must Do In” Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Goa. These are my four destinations for this trip and I’ll be covering them over 26 days. I will probably spend 5-8 days in each city before moving onto the next.

I don’t know much about Pune or Goa. But I will share my friend’s Top 20 for Pune and then ask D, who has lived and studied in Goa for 3 years, to help with my Top 20 for Goa.

Stay tuned as I get these ready over the next day or so…

Happy 30th Birthday, D!

I Love You combo (IMG Source: http://mumbai-flowers.com)

Today is my sweetheart, D’s 30th birthday. Sadly, I’m not with him to celebrate it. But I’ve purchased a combo package of flowers, cake and a teddy online through Mumbai-Flowers.com; which will be delivered to him hopefully by noon today. I’m so excited for him to receive the 30 roses and truffle cake. Plus, I’m confident he would never expect something like that from me.

I called him at midnight India time and wished him. He was happy to hear my voice and was expecting my call. But also saddened by the fact that I wasn’t going to be there to celebrate it with him. I told him that we’ll celebrate it once I arrive in Pune on the 8th of March. So, he’s really looking forward to that.

I really wish I was there though. I mean, it’s his 30th birthday. That’s a big deal. Oh well, I can’t be there just now and he had to leave early. So, I guess there was nothing really we could do.

Anyway, after work today, I’m picking up a bottle of champagne to toast to 30 years of my sweetheart’s life. And am wishing him all the happiness in the world. Hugs and kisses to my darling!

Happy Birthday, D! ❤