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New Year’s Resolutions

I made a small list of resolutions a couple of days ago. I haven’t made any for the past few years but this year there are a few things I need to accomplish; what better way to start towards finishing them than make a list and post it online? Many of these things, except one (I’ll get to it shortly), are resolutions or goals I set for myself often and of course, like many people, I never complete them. But I’ve given it a lot of thought and enough is enough; I need to stop procrastinating and being lazy and get them done. Here’s my list in no particular priority.

  1. Lose 55 lbs. – my brother is getting married next August/September and I’d like to be healthier and slimmer than I am now, so that I can wear all my beautiful Indian outfits without feeling insecure and uncomfortable. This has been a long time resolution and goal of mine but I have been lazy and unfocused to actually accomplish it, until now. I’ve already begun exercising every other day for at least 10 minutes a day. I know it’s not enough but I believe if I start slow with manageable timings, I’ll go further with losing the weight and becoming fitter.
  2. Save $10,000 – as you all know, we’ve gone through a financial rough-patch recently and that’s mainly because we had barely any savings in our account. By the end of year, I’d like to have at least $10,000 saved up in my bank account, so that we don’t have to struggle the next time we’re on a bumpy road in life. Hopefully, we don’t hit anymore bumps and can save this money as an eventual down payment towards our own house one day.
  3. Save $1000 for Christmas 2018 – I love Christmas and love to bake, make tons of treats and shower my loved ones with gifts. But when you’re pinching pennies just to get by, it’s nearly impossible to have money left to buy presents or sufficient groceries to make all those treats. My goal is to save $1,000 by next December aside from the above mentioned savings. This $1,000 will be solely spent on anything and everything Christmas/holidays related. So, the idea is to save $20 a week; which will bring us slightly under a $1,000 by the beginning of December.
  4. Visit India – no one in Dev’s family has met Nid and they’ve constantly been inviting us down to come visit. So, we’re hoping to go to India by next Diwali. Dev really misses celebrating Diwali in India, he misses all the extravagance, food, fireworks and family get togethers. Hopefully, our work schedules will allow us to take enough time off.
  5. Go on an all-inclusive vacation – neither Dev or I have gone on an all-inclusive vacation and we’d love to see some of the Caribbean islands and have a week to just relax, drink and eat.
  6. Complete prerequisites for the RPN program – I am undecided whether I want to work towards becoming an Registered Nurse (RN) or Registered Practical Nurse (RPN). The RN program runs 4 years and the RPN for 2 years. But the prerequisites for each course are intensive and I’ll need at least four to six months to complete all to align myself to take the course when I’m ready. But going back to school full-time means I’ll only be able to work part-time and I’m not sure if Dev would be okay with me going back to school again or not. That’s a conversation I’ll have to have with him over the next few days.
  7. Write on my blog more frequently – the past year or so I’ve become so busy in life that I’ve forgotten to focus on my passion; which is this blog. So, I’ll be writing more frequently this year and will write some regular posts about topics most important to me, like: mommy life, restaurant reviews, recipe of the month and some about inspirational people I meet along my day-to-day life.

I’ll let you know how my progress towards these goals are going and the conversation with Dev regarding going back to school. Stay tuned.

Do provide your inspiration, prayers and any tips or tricks and share your resolutions as well.

Happy New Year! Hope your year kicks off with a bang. ~Tamana

Quick Update: 2017

2017 has started off slow and steady for me.  Nothing new to expand on really. Except that I didn’t bothering to make my resolutions list as intended to. I did want to make it, I never have the mindset to sit down and actually write it all out. I know there are numerous things I want to accomplish this year but I don’t have the mental capacity to note them all down. 

Aside from the resolutions, I’ve discovered that I want another child. It’s been a long battle with myself and finally, I’ve come to terms with myself about having another child. I keep thinking about Nid and the what if’s of something ever happening to Dev and I; god forbid. I don’t want my child to be alone in this world. She has cousins and aunts and uncles that love her dearly, but a sibling would be going through the same as her should anything happen to us. They would understand each other and would be able to take care of one another (hopefully). 

Dev and I have talked about it over and over again and have agreed that now that Nid is four years old, it’s time we plan for another child. Plus, Nid has shown a lot of interest in having a baby sister or brother. I just hope that she and her sibling (if we have another child) get along and care for each other the way I hope. Nid’s very nurturing and I’m confident she will be the best older sister but when I think about my own relationship with my siblings I pray she doesn’t deal with what I have. 

Lastly, I’ve been experimenting with my hair and colours. Right now, my hair is a pink fading to dark, electric purple. Lol. It’s not at crazy as it sounds. But I’m in love with the colour and it makes me feel wild, young and like my old self before the age of mommy hood and wife hood. Before the purple, it was a dark blue and then green. But I think the purple is my favourite. Let me know what you think! 

So, that’s where I am so far into the new year. Slow but steady. I’m experimenting with hair colour, looking for jobs to get back into the corporate world, writing my resolutions in a new journal, planning to expand my family, working (once again) on my autobiography and trying to save some money. It’s all going pretty well. I feel content for the moment and counting blessings daily. 

How’s your new year starting out? What are you hoping to accomplish and try this year? Share you goals and aspirations with me; I’d love to hear them!

Ni’s 26 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 26th Month baby girl!

Sorry this letter is so late. Mommy’s been tired and it slipped her mind.

We’ve started a new year and we did it with a bang. The three of us; daddy, you and me spent New Year’s Eve at home watching a movie. Later, Aunty and uncle from next door came over and we toasted the new year with them. Even you had your apple juice non-alcoholic champagne and toasted with us.

Before that, Christmas dinner was big hit. Everyone seemed to really enjoy mommy’s cooking and enjoyed the party. You got lots of presents from nani, Aunty, your daycare and mommy and daddy. Plus, you had lots of junk food; chocolate chip cookies, Apple crumble and ice cream, chocolate cake, candy cane and even some chocolates.

The holidays were fantastic. We were surrounded by all our family and friends and everything one was happy and we were blessed by everyone joining us. Sahil mamu and Trisha Aunty even bought you your toddler bunkbed. You haven’t slept in it yet because your not used to it yet. But you definitely love it. It’s a beautiful bed. And nani bought you a beautiful blanket, bedsheets and pillows to match it. I just can’t wait until you’re comfortable enough to sleep in it.

Anyway, darling, this month has been quite amazing and as we head into the new year, I’m really looking forward to seeing you grow into the beautiful young lady you are becoming. Know that daddy and I love you dearly and you’ll forever be our baby girl. Hugs and a million kisses, angel.

The Beginning Of A New Year

365 blank days. 365 days to do something different, something new. Take on more responsibilities. Begin new experiences. Set new goals and dreams.

2014 hasn’t been the best of years for me. Actually, it sucked! The ice storm early in the year set its stage for lots of issues to come. Then the bed bug problems completely destroyed our home and messed up our lives. Ni’s constant fevers tampered with our emotions and strength to try everything in our power to get her better. Then what felt like a year full of health problems for me; which took a toll on my relationship with D and my job. And if all of that wasn’t enough, on the very last day of the year, a friend and colleague lost her battle with cancer and moved on to a better place (Rest in Peace Trish, you’ll be dearly missed).

2014 was a terrible year. I don’t want to look back on that year. Yes, there were some good times as well; like when Ni went to Wild Water Kingdom the first time, D became his own boss and Ni’s birthday party. But the bad days out weight the good ones by plenty.

So, I wholeheartedly welcome 2015 and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. I have so many hopes for this new year. I want to grow professionally and take on more challenges and responsibilities. I want to eventually move to a home closer to downtown to cut our travel time. I want to travel somewhere nice and spend a few weekends away cottaging up north. But mostly, I want to forget what 2014 was and leap into 2015 with a big smile and open mind.

I’m not setting new year’s resolutions. But I am entering this year openly to anything it might throw at me.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2015? Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams with me.

Happy 2014!

coollogo_com-2756841712013 Comes to an end and with that a Happy New Year: 2014 to all of you, my darling Lovelies!

As the year comes to an end, I just to thank all of you again for being my support and keeping Ziddi Tamana alive. If it wasn’t for your support and loyalty to this blog, I’d probably had shut if down a long time ago. Thank you all so much for sharing my adventures and experiences with me. Thank you all for being the support to get me through the toughest challenges and listening to me vent during the rough patches.

I hope the New Year brings beautiful beginnings and wonderful adventures for all of you and your loved ones. D, Ni and I wish all of you all the happiness, health and prosperity for the New Year!

We are celebrating the New Year at home today with our friend Hari. I’ve made a delicious dinner (chicken curry, rice, roti and raita) for us to enjoy and a carrot cake for dessert. We’ll be toasting the New Year, getting a little tipsy and then sitting down for our dinner. I’ve finished cleaning and decorating the house the way I initially had planned to for Christmas (better late then never).

A big Happy New Year to all of you once again from me and the gang!

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ― Brad Paisley


Ni’s 9 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 9 Week Birthday, my angel and Happy New Year! It’s been a quiet week for us. With all the snow outside, mommy and daddy didn’t really take you out much this week, besides a visit to your grandparents house. We even spent New Year’s Eve at home with you because it was just too cold to be outside. But the night was fun. Mommy and daddy popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted the new year. You got a sip of gripe water as your toast because you seemed to couldn’t get rid of your hiccups. 🙂

But mommy and daddy gave you so many kisses and daddy said that you were the best gift we could’ve received. You were the blessing we both had long waited for. You know, sometimes when I see your daddy with you, I fall more in love with him. He truly loves you with all his heart and it shows on his face. Every time he sees you, his face lights up like a million candles and when you smile, the expression on his face is like fireworks going off. It’s truly beautiful seeing the bond he has with you. After all, you are his little princess.

Anyway, darling, I hope this new year brings all of us lots of joy, happiness and closer together. I hope you grow at a healthy rate and learn many new and amazing things. And I hope you’ll let me be your guide and hold your little hand through this year and always.

Happy 9 weeks darling and happy new year. Xoxox Mommy and daddy love your for always.

Happy Birthday to ME


Happy Dirty 30 Birthday to ME!

Today I pray for my year ahead to be blessed with happiness, great health, prosperity and lots of love and wisdom.

D bought me a chocolate mousse cake and Ni, D and I cut my cake at midnight; while mom took photos. I love celebrating birthdays at midnight. Before the sun even rises on your special day you begin with cake and celebrations with family. What an awesome way to begin your day. 🙂

I don’t know what D has planned for me today or tonight but all I know is most of my day will be spent with my little princess. We’re going to go for our first walk in our stroller today and then get some ice cream for mommy. Then mommy’s going to get her eyebrows done and then head back home for lunch. I’m looking forward to my day with my little girl and then dinner with daddy.

I hope all of you have a blessed day as well as I plan and hope to have.