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Ni’s 32nd Month Birthday Letter

Happy 32nd Month Birthday, baby girl!

I know mommy has been absolutely terrible at writing your birthday letters the past couple of months. But so much has been going on that mommy just forgets. I’m sorry darling!

You’ve started a new pre-school and are growing into such a beautiful little girl. You also started your terrible twos! So, you’ve been quite the handful these past couple of months. You throw tantrums and toys across the house. You yell and pinch and cry if you don’t get your way. But you’re not all that terrible. You give the sweetest hugs and kisses all the time. You hold mine and daddy’s hand and jump up and down. You say, “I love you” and “good morning/night”. You mostly always say please and thank you; which makes me so proud of how polite you are.

You are growing up so quickly, my darling. With only a couple of months left until your third birthday, I am uncertain of how time has flown by so quickly. But know that no matter how old you get, mommy and daddy will love you dearly and you’ll always be our little angel.

Here are some pictures of the past couple of months I missed to write birthday letters to you about.

Lunch date with mommy!
Daddy and you went raspberry picking with your pre-school.
Hari and I went grocery shopping and you were with us. while we put away the rest of the groceries, you found your way into the strawberries ans ate half the box. there were strawberries everywhere!
You and daddy; hand-in-hand. Our trip to costco
Liat came down for a visit and decided to pick you up after daycare. The two of you are always all giggles and kisses.
My little diva ready for an evening out with mommy! You are such a little poser.
You love roasted sweet corn: at the taste of the Danforth.
You and me playing with the bubble gun Jia got for you, at the taste of Danforth.
My little Indian princess, all dressed up to go with Nani and Nanu to the temple.
Sunday morning shenanigans with daddy. All he wanted was to take a little nap but you turned him into your horsey.
At the end of the night after a long day at CNE, you decided you would finally sit in your stroller, holding all the toys mommy won for you!

Ni’s 29th Birthday Letter

image1Happy 29th Birthday, sweetheart!

I can’t believe that you are almost a 2 and half years old and will be going to pre-school at the end of next month. Time has flown by so quickly and you are growing up so much. You’re making better sentences in both Hindi and English. The funniest is that you copy the way everyone talks, like when nani says “No” you like copying her and stretching out the no into Noooooooo. Then there are the times when you know just how to push my buttons and do everything mommy asks you not to. Right when mom is about to get angry, you start laughing and hug me and say “showwie”. I love the way you say showwie. It’s the cutest in the world.

Nani bought you a new tea set a few weeks ago because you always ask me if I want a double-double coffee. So, she decided she would get you your very own tea set to make coffee for me in. You and I have enjoyed lots of pretend coffee and tea and have lots of tea parties doing so.

I love watching daddy tease you and you fight him to let you go. I love seeing the two of you spend so much time together and laugh and giggle and play games. It’s amazing seeing the two of you together. He’s so in love with you and you with him. It makes me feel happy seeing both of you laugh and smile so much.

This month hasn’t been quite exciting. I guess, most months aren’t. Life is going as it should be and we are living as we should be. Sometimes, little things happen here and there that stir the routine. But then things get back on track and we move along. That’s mainly how this month has been as well.

You spent a couple of days last weekend at your grandparent’s house, mommy needed some rest since she hadn’t slept properly all week. Your grandparents enjoy having you over. You and nanu spend so much time doing mischievous things and teasing nani. They love you dearly and every time you come back home, they feel lonely without you. They always tell me that their home feels empty without your giggles. So, I’m shipping you over to their place this weekend too. They’ll enjoy their time with you and you always love being there as well. Plus, having nani and nanu take care of you, I’ll get to do my spring cleaning and seriously tidy up our home.

Anyway, sweetheart, know that mommy and daddy love you dearly. We enjoy seeing you grow and are blessed to have such an amazing little angel in our lives. Kisses!

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Ni’s 28th Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy Belated 28th Month Birthday, my darling Ni!

With daddy’s birthday right at the end of the month, it completely slipped my mind to write your birthday letter. Daddy’s birthday was quite fun. You spent the weekend with grandma and grandpa but I heard you enjoyed yourself. As for mommy and daddy, we spent the weekend at home and had a little party.

As for the rest of the month, it was as usual. Nothing exceptionally special happened, except that you’ve now grown so much that you can unlock the front door. Thankfully the door is too heavy for you so you can’t just yet open it. But after a recent death of a 3-year old toddler, I’m concerned that you try to open the door. So, I’ve put a chain-lock on the front door; which thankfully, is far out of your reach.

Besides that nothing else has really happened. You’re growing into a beautiful little girl. Most of your teeth have come in now and I just love seeing your little smile and tiny teeth. You squint your eyes, wrinkle your nose and then smile with your teeth. I love it. It’s adorable and so are you.

Mommy and daddy love you dearly; don’t you ever forget that. We’ll always be standing beside you no matter where you go in life. We love seeing you grow and learn all sorts of new things. Just try to keep some of the tantrums at bay, it gets a little tiring for mommy when you’re throwing a hissy-fit. Besides that, you’re a pretty good girl and we are so blessed to have you.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart. xoxo

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Ni’s 22 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy Birthday, angel! You’re 22 months old, already. Yay!

I can’t believe the countdown to your 2nd birthday has already begun. I mean, it feels like yesterday you were so tiny and now you’re growing up so quickly. I amazes me everyday to hear your speak new words and see you become more and more independent. It’s almost time for mommy and daddy to start potty-training you. We’re a little nervous but we know that you’re a quick learner and will get the hang of it sooner than later.

As for this past month, its been fun and tiring. We took you to Ripley’s Aquarium for a day out. You loved all the “go-go” (you call animals go-go because nani’s dog’s name is Hogan and from Hogan, you started calling him go-go. So now you associate all animals as go-go). You and daddy did a lot of running around and when we weren’t trying to catch you, you sat up on his shoulders.

Ni & D at Ripley's Aquarium
Ni & D at Ripley’s Aquarium

I love seeing the two of you together. He’s your best-friend and you are the love of his life, the center of his world and everything beyond it. You’re a very lucky girl to have such a loving daddy and daddy is a very lucky daddy for having such an amazing daughter like you. And I am the most luckiest mommy and wife in the world for having both of you.

Nothing else special happened this month. So, I’ll keep this letter short. Just know always, that mommy and daddy love you dearly. You’ll always be our baby girl no matter how big you get and we’ll always be here for you, today, tomorrow, forever. Happy 22nd Month Birthday, sweetie pie.

Ni’s 15 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy 15 Month Birthday, sweetheart!

What an amazing month it has been. Not only did you start walking this month, but you also started singing the alphabet song and counting up to 4. You really enjoy drinking from a straw, especially apple juice. It seems like you’ve grown up so much these past few weeks.

But it hasn’t been a completely fantastic month, darling. You’ve been quite sick lately. I think you may have Periodic Fever Syndrome, where every week or so you get an extremely high fever for a few days. Your fevers have been ongoing since early December. Although, the doctors and pediatrician a keep saying that it’s just a common cold or some sort of virus, I think it’s something more. It’s not common to get a fever every 7-8 days at 102 degrees and then have it go away 2 days later just to return after 7 days.

Mommy has decided that she’s going to find the answer to all your illnesses. I’m taking you in for a thorough physical on Monday and we’re going to tell the doctor to do allergy tests on you as well. Hopefully, they’ll be able to come to some conclusion why you’re always sick. I’m hopeful and won’t give up until I have all the answers and you are 100% better.

Besides that, sweetheart, your nani-Mami spent the weekend us with a couple of weeks ago. You’ve really grown comfortable with her and she too is so in love with you. It’s nice seeing the two of you together because you both have so much fun.

Lastly, I’ve opened up your email accounts for you and I hope you’ll use those and appreciate that I reserved them for you.

Happy Birthday, again sweetheart. Know that mommy and daddy love you dearly!

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Email Addresses For Ni – Reserved!

Something dawned on me last night; I might not have my blog by the time Ni grows up. So all those birthday letters I write for her each month, may just vanish into the net. I’m hopeful to have my blog for as long as I can, but you just never know where life is going to take you and what you’ll be doing 10, 5, 2 or even a year from now. I figured, maybe I create an email account for her and send her all these birthday letters to her. Once she’s old enough to have an email account, I give her access to the one I created for her. Plus, I get to reserve her full name on popular email providers.

So, I did exactly that this morning; I created 2 email addresses on 2 very popular domain names: live.com and gmail.com and then I sent her first email, see it below and you’ll understand why I did it.

Email to Ni:

Ni's first email
Ni’s first email