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Unhealthy. Unfit. No More!


Enough is enough!!! I’m taking a stand against being unhealthy and unfit. I can’t look in the mirror any longer and not like what I see. I am a beautiful person on the inside, so why shouldn’t I be beautiful on the outside too?

I’ve taken this challenge to change how I look and feel about myself over and over again. But do you know what I lacked each time? Determination. Reason. Now I have both! Ni, my reason and my reason, my determination. So this time around I’m sure to succeed.

After giving birth to Ni, I lost about 26 lbs without much effort and without much effort I gained 24 lbs back. But I’m not preggers anymore and shouldn’t need to resort to my maternity clothes because nothing else will fit. So, I’m making a change. I’m taking control and I’m sure as hell going to slim down!

I’m changing my eating habits. I’m changing the liquids I drink and I’m going to dance my weight away. I’ll post a recipe for an awesome detox and refreshing alternative to boring water. Because anyone who knows me, knows I don’t drink nearly enough water. So, I’ve found an alternative. I’ll also post my 7 day breakfast and lunch meal plan. I’m excluding dinner plans because I barely have anything for dinner these days and try to keeps self full with my detox drink or a cup of hot milk. Next, I’ll include some easy dance moves and workout routines.

So join me on my adventure over the upcoming weeks and months as I shed the pounds away! Stay tuned and stay fit.

How To Calm A Baby

You know when you were pregnant and couldn’t move around without waddling like a penguin and getting up and sitting down was such a huge task, and waking up in the morning, showering, getting ready and going to work seemed like a huge accomplishment; well, that was the easy part! Even going through the labor and delivery wasn’t as exhausting and tough as taking care of a newborn.

Everyone tells you about the joys of pregnancy and being a new mom. But what everyone forgets to tell you is that the first six weeks or so of motherhood are going to be the hardest six weeks of your life. If you’re lucky, your mother-in-law and own mother will come help with the daily tasks and give you a few hours to yourself. But if you’re not or don’t have a mother or mother-in-law then you and your partner better be prepared for the bumpiest, most sleep-disruptive ride of your lives.

Ni is 3.5 weeks old and for the first week my mom slept over and helped out quite a lot. But soon after, she too became exhausted and hasn’t been feeling too well, so she’s gone back to her place and only occasionally comes over to help out. D’s been ever-so-helpful but busy himself lately. So, all Ni has left is her mommy, who’s trying to do her best to not get frustrated due to the exhaustion she feels. But sometimes its hard not to want to cry and sulk or take out your frustrations on your spouse ( as I have about half a dozen times this week).

I mean, overall, I’ve been blessed with a good child who doesn’t fuss and muss too much. But boy, when she does its like the end of the world. Lol. Those moments (realistically an hour or more) can be utterly nerve-wrecking and tormenting for you. But the one thing I’ve learned these past few weeks is, when she’s fussing be gentle, keep calm, and don’t let her feel your frustration. Because although baby maybe too young to understand many things at this time, they do realize when a parent is frustrated and that affects how quickly they settle down.

I’d like to share a few tips to settling a fussy baby (I haven’t mastered the art of calming a baby but Ni seems to calm down after a I’ve tried a few of these tactics on her).

1. Check the diaper! Some babies can tolerate a wet or soiled diaper for a couple of hours. But if your baby seems to have sensitive skin, like Ni, then she’ll fuss and get really worked up fast. So, make sure to check the diaper and change it first.

2. Is Baby Hungry? If you see baby smacking her lips together or sucking on her fingers or as Ni does, she cries and screams angay or so it sounds like, try sticking the tip of your pinky finger in her mouth and if she sucks, you know those are hunger cries. So what are you waiting for? Feed her already!

3. Is She Gassy? The best way to tell if your baby is gassy is if she’s got her fists clenched and seems to be pushing hard. My solution for this is try burping her on your shoulder or sit her up right and see if she can burp out the gas bubble. Ovol drops are useless and don’t help much. But if you can buy a bottle of Gripe water then your baby will love you! I give Ni a bit of gripe water in the morning because she’s been very colicky lately and the pediatrician was ok with me giving it to her daily as its more natural than giving Ovol drops.

4. Over-Stimulated? Sometimes a baby can be over-stimulated. Maybe you’ve had many visitors holding and touching her all day. Maybe you’ve been out and about in a noisy environment. Ni sometimes gets over-stimulated just by being over at my mom’s house and hearing all the kids play and dog bark. So, I give her a warm bath at night (well D does because I’m to chicken to by myself) and then he massages her gently with baby lotion, puts on her PJ’s and I feed her and then she falls asleep. This has seemed to help the most lately.

5. Maybe She Just Wants To Be Held Sometimes Ni is just fussy because she’s a baby and can be. So, when all else fails, I wrap her in a warm blanket and in my arms, I stand with my legs spread shoulder-length apart and rock my hips from side to side and sing in the most calm voice I possibly can (never knew I even had such a calm voice). After a good 10-15 mins of rocking and singing my darling angels settles down and normally falls asleep. But if her sleep isn’t deep, then I’ll take her into bed with me and let her sleep beside me until she wakes to be fed.

These few simple tricks have helped my little princess calm down and fall asleep. I know when a baby is fussing its hard not to lose your own cool. But if you can put your cool and frustrations on the back burner for a bit and calm baby down first, trust me you’ll all be much happier. Try them out and see if any of these work for you. Or share with me how you’ve calmed your little bundle of fuss, I mean joy!

Happy Mother-hooding!

Quick Update

This week seems to just be flying by! I’ve gotten a lot done over the past few days but OMG where has the week gone and why is it going by so fast? My sweetie’s nursery is 99% ready for her arrival. I’m just waiting for the name wall decal to arrive that her aunty, Li, who was ever so kind to order for us. Then it’ll be 100%.

Plus, I’ve gone over my hospital bag and babe’s with my mom to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Mom’s given her approval and was actually quite impressed with my packing skills and the fact that I didn’t forget to include anything. I’ve booked a ride for Monday night to and from the hospital. My dad’s offered to keep babe’s carseat in his car and will be our chauffeur for the ride to and from the hospital.

Last things I need to get done before Monday are: get my court date (for a speeding ticket 😫) switched from November 1st to a later date (as clearly I will not be able to attend due to the obvious), finish laundry and make sure it’s all nicely folded and put away, a quick trip to the grocery store to make sure the cupboards and fridge are nicely stocked with goodies and essentials, and then I think I’m done.

But really, the past few days have been so hectic and I feel terribly exhausted. So, I’m hoping to get these final few things done tomorrow so that I can spend the weekend resting, because God knows I’m going to need my energy next week. My mom and D have been ever so generous to help out with making sure everything I needed done was done, without having me do most of the running around. But even with the minimal running around, I’ve managed to really tire myself out.

Matter of fact, I’m quite exhausted now and I should probably call it a night! Off to bed I go. I’ll try my best to give you anther update before the week is over.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your week.


Pregnancy Update

Mondays are really tough for me due to three back-to-back doctor’s appointments. By the time I’m done the last one, I am so exhausted that I can barely make it home in order to fall asleep.

Yesterday’s string of appointments consisted of a visit to my gynecologist, the NST room in the maternity ward and then the diabetes clinic in the hospital’s out-patient department. The NST appointments are generally easy to deal with because you get to lay down and relax as the nurse places a contractions tracker and baby heartbeat monitor on you. The only thing you have to do is click a button every time you feel the baby move. Quite easy-peasy!

Then the diabetes clinic is mainly an assessment of your blood-sugar tracking log and a conversation with the diabetes’ doctor to making sure you’re doing ok and not experiencing any issues with the insulin or your sugar levels. Sometimes, my doc gets mad at me for going overboard with the junk food. But I always remind her that I’m taking the insulin per her discretion and don’t have junk food every day, it’s just every few days I get a craving for Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream and can’t stop myself from finishing the tub in one sitting! Lol. I know that’s pretty bad of me, I just can’t help myself some days; especially when I feel extremely hot.

Anyway, the first appointment of the day normally begins with a visit to my gynecologist to discuss and assess the past week’s progress. Normally, everything comes out great and she almost never has any concerns. But this time around when I told her that last week the diabetes’ doctor put me on a secondary insulin, my gyno had concerns. She mentioned that since I’m on insulin and will be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow, she would like to induce labor next Tuesday, unless of course babe comes out on her own before that. Apparently, they don’t let women with gestational diabetes, especially those on insulin go the full term of their pregnancy. Plus, my doctor will be at the hospital on Tuesday and can induce the labor and deliver the baby too; which I am very relieved about.

After hearing the whole process from her and then asking a million and one questions, D and I left the office quite shaken and nervous. I mean, up until now it was fine, we know babe was going to arrive sooner or later; we just didn’t have an exact date. Now we do. She’s going to be her on October 30th, 2012 and now I realize I have so much to do before she arrives next week. Am I freaked out? Heck yes! Do I feel like I’m just not ready? Absolutely! I know I knew all along that she would be here in a couple of weeks, but that was a couple of weeks; not one week!!!!

So, my mother instincts put me in full-gear after all the appointments and a nice nap. I was out and about. I purchased my diaper bag (fin-ally), ordered her name wall decal from Etsy and even got the hooks for her cribs canopy. Even a full schedule for today was all planned out. Bank first thing in the morning, followed by a final trip to Ikea to pick up her carpet and side table. Then off to a Service Canada location to pick up applications for the Child Tax Benefits and finally filling out my employment insurance application online and submitting it.

It’s going to be a busy couple of days. But I need to get all these errands done before I can do one final cleaning of her room and know that I’m ready. So, if I’m MIA for a couple of days, you all know why. I’ll try my best to post again later this week, but in case I don’t, please understand and be patient with me. My life is about to change drastically within the next week and I’m scared, nervous and anxious as heck and just need to make sure I feel in place to take on this new role the almighty is granting me.

Will try to keep you posted on my progress over the next few days (even if its just with basic updates).

Wish me luck! My mommy to-be venture is about to begin. 🙂


Quick Update: 2.5 Weeks To Go

I know I promised all of you a couple of posts on what to buy for newborn babies. I’ve almost finished preparing it and just need to put the final touches on it before I set it live. It’s just been a tiresome few days for me. My sleep pattern has turned into a mere two hours sleep each night and then sleeping whenever I can during the day. Quite exhausting and making me feel extremely irritated. But I think that’s the baby’s way of preparing me for when she arrives.

I wanted to just give you all a quick update on how I’m doing and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the posts. I’ve actually prepared a couple of posts, first; what to pack in your and baby’s hospital bag and second; what to purchase for baby’s essential needs for the first few months. I plan to have these posts up this weekend for you!

Besides that, my sciatic pain is at its peak; pretty much nothing is helping these days when it flares up. I’ve been placed on another type of insulin as well. So now I am taking one before dinner and then another shot after dinner, before I go to bed. The second shot is a slower working one and is helping bring down my blood-sugar levels while I sleep. I don’t mind taking them, although its a bit painful at times. I’ve just noticed that baby moves less after I take the second shot; which has freaked me out the past two nights. But then she’ll kick after a while and I’ll feel somewhat relieved. I think I’ll discuss it with the diabetes staff on Monday at my next appointment and see what their thinking is towards her movement infrequency.

I know baby is fine and healthy because due to the insulin I am now required to do weekly nerve stress tests (NST), where they put monitors on my tummy to hear babe’s heartbeat and have me click a button every time she moves. Plus, my gyno has absolutely no concerns regarding baby’s well-being either. It just stresses me out a bit when she doesn’t move as frequently after I’ve taken the second insulin shot.

Oh well, guess I’ll keep an eye out to make sure everything else feels normal until my appointment on Monday. I’ll give you an update on Monday about what the docs think.

Until then, enjoy your Friday and stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

Xoxo ~ Tamana

Less Than Four Weeks To Go

With less than four weeks until my little princess arrives, I find myself getting anxious and nervous. She’s almost here and I just don’t feel like I’m prepared. Plus, there seem to be so many things I still need to buy and do before she arrives. But as the time gets closer, I am realizing that my pains are getting worst and I have much less energy to do all the things I still need to do. I could ask D for help, but he’s been suffering with my sleepless nights too and doesn’t drive and neither does my mom; which ultimately means I’ll have to be the one to drive them to pick up the things I need anyway.

But I just can’t get enough of the bed rest my doctor has prescribed me lately. Plus, driving seems like such a hassle too, especially with having to climb into my jeep. I’ve made a list of things I need to buy and will hopefully go to bed really early on Saturday night and then venture out with either D or my mom to get all the last minute items on Sunday. Well, that’s the plan anyway!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately of necessities for a newborn baby and will hopefully post it online tomorrow, so other moms don’t have to be as clueless as I have been over the past few months and won’t have to leave it until last minute like me.

Stay tuned lovies! I’ve got some great mommy to-be posts lined up to help out other moms and some DIY projects I plan to target over the next year.

Until then…xoxox

Maternity Leave

Day 1 of maternity leave consisted of having a follow up appointment with my diabetes doctor and being instructed to take insulin before dinner. It was a hard decision that I have been struggling with for the past week. But after all the nervousness and fear I had with sticking a needle in my stomach every day was all removed once the intern at the hospital told me all the benefits of making sure my blood sugar levels were normal.

My angel has not even arrived yet and already I am making health decisions to limit her chances of diabetes in her 40s and 50s and secure her chances of being a healthy weight when she is ready to arrive.

I was a bit a scared and nervous with injecting myself with a needle every day, but the more I think about my angel the more I realize I have to do what’s best for her. And honestly, it hasn’t been too bad so far!