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Ni’s 26 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 26th Month baby girl!

Sorry this letter is so late. Mommy’s been tired and it slipped her mind.

We’ve started a new year and we did it with a bang. The three of us; daddy, you and me spent New Year’s Eve at home watching a movie. Later, Aunty and uncle from next door came over and we toasted the new year with them. Even you had your apple juice non-alcoholic champagne and toasted with us.

Before that, Christmas dinner was big hit. Everyone seemed to really enjoy mommy’s cooking and enjoyed the party. You got lots of presents from nani, Aunty, your daycare and mommy and daddy. Plus, you had lots of junk food; chocolate chip cookies, Apple crumble and ice cream, chocolate cake, candy cane and even some chocolates.

The holidays were fantastic. We were surrounded by all our family and friends and everything one was happy and we were blessed by everyone joining us. Sahil mamu and Trisha Aunty even bought you your toddler bunkbed. You haven’t slept in it yet because your not used to it yet. But you definitely love it. It’s a beautiful bed. And nani bought you a beautiful blanket, bedsheets and pillows to match it. I just can’t wait until you’re comfortable enough to sleep in it.

Anyway, darling, this month has been quite amazing and as we head into the new year, I’m really looking forward to seeing you grow into the beautiful young lady you are becoming. Know that daddy and I love you dearly and you’ll forever be our baby girl. Hugs and a million kisses, angel.

Mom-In-Training: Beginning Potty Training

Ni is over 2 years old now and I am ready to begin potty training her. She’s showing interest in wanting to use the washroom and let’s me know after she’s gone potty. I just need to get her to begin telling me before she goes in her diaper

In less than six months, she will be moving over to pre-school and I know they’ll train her there. But I want to get her started before she reaches there. Beginning pre-school will be a new challenge of itself, new kids, new teachers, new environment and then the added stress of learning to use the potty might be too much for her to deal with all at once.

So, we’re pulling out her trainer potty and are starting her off with sitting on it first and then eventually begin using it. I know my little Ni is a quick learner, I just hope she isn’t petrified of the experience, like she was once when I put her on the toilet. She screamed and cried thinking she would fall in. But she had insisted I put her on it in the first place. Hopefully, using the little potty is a better experience than the big one.

Do you have children? Are they potty-trained? Share your insights with me and suggestions on how you handled this big milestone. All pointers and tips are greatly appreciated.