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Another Bucket List Item Checked Off

 Today, what can I say about today? Today I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life. One of my long-time bucket list items have been to have a makeover done on tv. And what better place to do it than on The Marilyn Denis Show!

I grew up watching Marilyn. I remember her show was one of my mother’s favourite daytime talk shows to watch. I remember my mother always raving and boosting about how fabulous Marilyn was. And I’ve seen Marilyn transform women into their truly potential best self.

Today, Marilyn and her team gave me the opportunity to transform my boring, all-black date-night look into a va-va-voom look. Her team and the amazing and successful stylist, Denise Caldwell ignited the confidence in me that I had lost so many years ago.


For a woman, who at one time in her life always felt like a million bucks and then through a devastating divorce and years of feeling like she didn’t deserve to be beautiful; and then to turn her into a diva through the help of an enthusiastic and confident fashion stylist, hair and makeup gurus and an opportunist talk-show host, is one of the most exhilarating experiences a woman can have. Today, I felt like I was 20 again and like I was a stunning, desirable and confident woman again; the first time in over 12 years.
How do I thank you Heidi Allen for giving me this opportunity? How do I say how much you’ve inspired me Denise Caldwell? And how do I say thanks hair and makeup gurus for bringing back years of lost confidence? But most importantly, how do I say thank you Marilyn for giving average gals like me this experience of a lifetime and memories to last forever.

 Thank you The Marilyn Denis show and team for bringing back the me I thought I lost years ago. Xoxo

My First Success – A Proud Moment

For the longest time I have felt taken for granted, under-appreciated, ugly, unfit and have maintained a very low confidence level. Most was of my own doing. Some, thanks to the people around me.

I am a good daughter. I am a good employee. I am a good friend. I am a good sister. I am even a good girlfriend. But people still walk all over me. They treat me as if I’m not worthy of compliments or a confident attitude. I regularly feel as if I am failing in life. Although, I can blame everyone for their contributions to my low self-esteem and self-confidence, my biggest enemy is myself. People have made me feel all of those things, because I don’t believe in myself. It’s because I doubt myself and because I don’t know the value of me.

After a hurtful realization from my significant other, I finally said to myself; “enough is enough!” I will not let people walk all over me. I will not let people undermine me. I will not let people make me feel inferior. So, today I took my first step towards personal growth, personal involvement and a personal interest in myself.

I cooked dinner for “us” and then sat down with a glass of wine. Before I could even take a sip of wine, I realized that I am feeling like crap because I am letting myself feel like crap. So, I put down the glass of wine, turned on my computer, went to YouTube and found a yoga video to help me target my biggest flaw. I did 10 minutes of the workout demonstrated in the video and 10 minutes more of exercises I had learnt a long time ago. 20 minutes in and I have this great sense of myself.

I feel at peace with myself. I have not felt confident, proud or at peace with myself in a long time. Now, as I wait for D to get home, I’m not going to just sit around and waste my time. It’s a little chilly outside, but if I dress warm, I can get a good 20-30 minutes of walking into my day. I just thought I’d share this moment of self-confidence and proudness with all of you before I head out.

I know it’s only 20 minutes and maybe I shouldn’t be so proud of myself. But I am and the hell with anyone who tries to take that away from me. 🙂

Here’s an article I recently read to push myself towards ME. Why it’s not selfish to put yourself first! You enjoy the read, while I go for my walk!


What I Lost and Want Back

Broken Heart

My self-esteem!

I got married, gave it my all, changed my world for it and then he took it all away. We got divorced and somehow he managed to take my self-esteem with him. I know everyone says that “sticks and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt.” But I think that’s just an old wife’s tale. Words hurt more than any stick or stone can. Words rip you apart and torture you because you can never forget them. Words are so strong, they sit in the back of your brain and constantly make you remember them and then burn and break you a little more. Words cause the greatest of all pains. And this pain, doesn’t go away in a day, or week, or even a month. It takes years, many, many years to finally forget the words, then rebuild yourself and believe that those words were lies and just said to hurt you.

Sadly, for me, I have yet to forget the words he left me with. I have yet to rebuild myself.