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Hopefully The Last Surgery For A While

I had a deviated septum surgery yesterday. It went successful, hence why I’m able to post today. I look like I have a mustache with this bandaging over my noses; which is quite uncomfortable. But I don’t feel completely sick to my gut like I have after earlier surgeries.

I am really hoping this is the last surgery for the next 10-15 years that I have to go through. I really wish that all the health problems that arose in 2014 are now finally beyond me and I can move forward to a healthier life in 2015.

There is one more health issue that was discovered last year; that I will be having addressed tomorrow by a specialist. But I’m really not thinking much about it as the specialist initially mentioned she wasn’t too concerned with it herself. I’ll probably have a blood test to rule it out and hopefully, nothing major or concerning will come up.

Then I can focus on losing weight, walking more and spending more time outside with my little Ni this year. Wish me luck for tomorrow’s appointment. I’m really hoping its the last of the bunch.

I’m Still Here But I Haven’t Been Here Actively

I’m sorry for going MIA for the past 3 weeks. I’m having gallbladder removal surgery tomorrow, plus the bed bug drama and craziness at work has kept me away and quite busy. But tomorrow is the day. I’m finally having my Laparoscopic gallbladder removed and hope to be pain-free soon after! Plus, I will be off work for the next 2 weeks to recover. Hopefully, that will give me a little time to focus on all of you, since I’ll be bedridden for the first couple of days or week.

As for my bed bug drama, we had another treatment done a week or so ago and another one planned for next week. We’re living out of boxes at the moment and have thrown out so much stuff, its devastating how empty my apartment looks. However, I’ve come to terms with this ordeal emotionally and have gotten over that fact. It was heartbreaking at first. But such is life; where one thing ends another begins.

So here I am today with all my problems and woes. But tomorrow is the day and I will be pain-free and at a little more ease. I’ll keep you posted on how the surgery goes (once I’m out of the being drugged phase).

Stay tuned and check back for updates.

xoxo ~ Tamana

New Mom And Recovery

I apologize for not posting sooner. As you can imagine I’ve been having a challenging time adjusting to the little bundle of joy that arrived last Wednesday into my life. Although she is an absolute angel and hasn’t given mom or dad any major fussiness yet (except for once so far), its still been a tough few days. With my caesarean and being punctured four times trying to get my epidural in for delivery, my body is quite sore and not very cooperative these days; especially with holding a newborn, getting up quickly to attend to her needs or rushing to even make it to the washroom in time.

D and my mom have pretty much taken 95% of my responsibility towards Ni out of my hands while I recover from the surgery. I’m super thankful for them but have also had spells of guilt wash over me for not being able to attend to her needs and cuddle and hold her as much as she needs. But D and mom keep reminding me that I’ve just had major abdominal surgery and should try focusing on getting better rather than feeling guilty. I know they’re right, I just hope she knows that mommy isn’t neglecting her and is actually trying her very hardest to get better quickly for her and Ni’s sake.

Besides that Ni and I had our first doctor appointments since arriving home from the hospital. Doc says we’re both healthy and good and he doesn’t see any concerns at this time. We’re scheduled to go back in for a routine visit in two weeks. I’m hoping we both continue to show positive results week after week.

Well, I really should get to bed now and rest up for tomorrow. Have a good night all and stay safe.