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It’s Been A Long Week

 On Monday my brakes failed as I was heading to work in the morning rush hour. My quick thinking saved my life as I pulled the emergency hand brake. I was minutes away from getting on one of the busiest highways in Toronto, the DVP or Don Vally Parkway for all of you that don’t know. Someone somewhere must really love me because had I gotten on the DVP and the brakes failed, I would have certainly been in a multi-vehicle crash. Thankfully, I am okay; a little shaken up but mostly okay. I got the car to the mechanics and he assessed and determined the brake fluid had completely leaked, resulting in my brakes giving out. In the process of braking, I blew a tire and caliber or whatever it’s called. The mechanics fixed everything and gave me a hefty bill. 

Within two weeks, I’ve paid over $1500 into this car. First the emissions issues and now this. I feel disgusted by it all but the car is okay and I didn’t get hurt; which is more valuable then all the costs. 

  Tuesday, I flew out to Dearborn, Michigan for a work summit for a couple of days. It was really nice being on the plane after so long. I don’t know what it is but I just love being in the plane. It’s this nostalgic feeling. The same feeling I get when I’m near water. The excitement of the takeoff and then flying above the clouds and cities. I love taking pictures of the ground. 

  My boss and the other chick with me were being a bit annoying. I mean, I like both of them but they were acting like a bunch of school girls, teasing and giggling. I felt a bit left out but whatever. After the other chick left, it was nice to spend some time with my boss and get to know her. We had a nice breakfast and dinner and drinks together. 

  Plus, I got to bond with our clients and colleagues from the Dearborn office; which was fantastic. I find it very important to have out-of-office time with your colleagues at least once, this allows you to see the person as a real person instead of just as a colleague and that makes a huge difference. 

Overall, it was a successful trip and I really enjoyed myself. The rest of the week was finished off with lots of catching up on work. Finally, yesterday Dev and I decided to list our car on Craigslist, Kijiji and Facebook Buy and Sell pages. We’ve also decided on a newer, used vehicle. We just need to sell our current vehicle and then we can move forward with the other vehicle. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’m just happy that I’m safe and this week is over. Seems like, since November started its been quite bumpy, and as much as I love that it was my birthday month, I’m glad it’s almost over. 

Next weekend, I’m looking forward to start putting up Christmas and holiday decorations. I’ll share some ideas with you later in the week. Stay tuned for some frugal, DIY decorating tips!

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!


I’ll Be Back In Toronto Today

I’ll be back in Toronto by end of day today! There are many things I’ll have to tell you all about my trip. So be patient with me and give me a day or so to get rid of the jet-lag.

Oh and do tell me what you thought of my story up until now. I’d love to hear comments/thoughts. They’ll be more to come in the next couple of days. I know I know you’re by now anxious to find out about how I went from Nik to D and what all happened in between. So, stay tuned… I’ll be prepping the rest of the posts over the next couple of days.



Update From Goa

We arrived in Goa two days ago.
What amazing weather! It was around 6:30pm by the time we got to our hotel room and then decided to shower, change and head out for a walk to the nearby markets and beach. We had drinks and appetizers at a candlelit restaurant on the beach, Souza Lobo. It was quite awesome.

Later, we bought some breezers and hung out in our room. After having a perfect buzz, we ended up taking a midnight stroll and had Chicken Kati kabobs at a nearby restaurant and then ice cream at baskin robins.

Perfect start to a well needed honeymoon and vacation!

Will update again soon!

Top 20 Things To Do In Mumbai

I haven’t seen Bombay or shall I say Mumbai for quite a few years. But when I was there last, nine years ago it was one hectic city. It actually reminds me of New York City, whereas Delhi reminds of Toronto.

Anyway, Mumbai is a beautiful city, it’s always full of life and never sleeps. The night life is awesome! So, let’s go through my tour of Mumbai….

  1. Have Sev Batata Puri:
    This is like those chaats from Delhi. Its tangy and delicious street food. A must try!
  2. Shop at Chor Bazaar:Although its called Chor Bazaar, thieves have no place there. But you’ll be able to find anything and everything at awesomely cheap prices.
  3. Visit Gateway of India:This is a great place to visit. It’s an historic monument and attracts all sorts of people.
  4. Visit Taj Mahal Palace:Since you’re near the Gateway of India, don’t forget to visit the Taj Palace. It’s a hotel with a lot of history. The architecture is absolutely stunning and high tea is definitely an experience you must enjoy!
  5. Go Clubbing:The nightlife in Mumbai is so much fun. It’s one of the cities that never sleeps and clubbing is a must do.
  6. Walk/Drive to Marine Road:In South Mumbai, this one of those romantic walks/drives that you just cannot miss.
  7. Ride the Local Train:You think there’s rush on local subways here in Toronto or even New York? Well, you’re in for a surprise when you experience the rush of the local trains in Mumbai. All-in-all, it’s fun but be careful because there’s lots of pushing.
  8. Visit Bollywood:Bollywood aka Mumbai’s Hollywood. You must visit because this is where all the magic happens. Plus you might even spot some celebrities!
  9. Visit Chhatrapati Shivaji Temple:This temple is actually the central headquarters of the railway industry in India. Plus, it’s a railways station. The architecture is inspiring!
  10. Take a Cab Ride:The cabs in Mumbai are classic. Each one is decorated in its own style and mostly have music blaring in the background. It’s quite an experience.

These are my top 10 for Mumbai. When I’m back from my trip and have enjoyed a Mumbai more I’ll add more to the list!

10 Things To Take On Vacation

I’m in planning, packing and shopping mode lately. There are so many things I want to take with me. Due to limited space in my suitcase (because of all the gifts for my sister and nephew), I’ve found my 10 items that I just could not live without on this vacation and thought it would be great to share them with you. I’d also love to know, what are the top 10 things you just cannot live without on a vacation, so do share you lists.

  1. Hand Sanitizer
    Because most of the time soap and water isn’t available when traveling and you really don’t want to have a meal with dirty hands.
  2. Wet Wipes
    These are fantastic to help recover from the boiling sun and just quickly freshen up, especially when a bathroom isn’t nearby.
  3. Leave-In Conditioner
    This is great to have to save your tresses from the hot sun and get rid of the frizz on those hot mucky days.
  4. Deodorant
    This is just common sense. But still, I thought I’d add it in. This specific Secret deodorant is known for long-lasting effects and smells refreshing all day.
  5. Body Spray
    Sometimes you can’t get to a bathroom, so these are great to have. The citrus smell has a refreshing and all day lasting smell. Plus, it’s not as strong as perfume, so it won’t bother anyone who’s allergic to perfumes. I use this one from Dove and with just a couple of spritz, I’m smelling refreshed all day.
  6. Foundation Primer
    This isn’t one of those things that you just cannot live without. But this specific one from CoverFX, is something that I just cannot live without. I’m not the type of person to apply foundation everyday. But when I do, I want to make sure it doesn’t have creases or looks flaky. So, this primer helps a lot and on the days where I don’t want to apply any foundation at all, I just apply the primer alone and it gives my skin a beautiful, natural glow all day.
  7. First Aid Kit – Travel Size:
    You never know when something may or may not go wrong and it’s always great to be ready. I bought my travel first aid kit at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $25.00 and it includes, antibacterial wipes, ointment, band aids, bandages, tweezers and safety pins.
  8. Flip-flops:
    It is essential to have a good pair of flip-flops when on vacation. I normally carry mine on the plane with me, if my feet swell up like most people’s do, while flying. Plus, you can wear a pair of flip-flops with just about anything. These Nike Tiki leather thong flip-flops are super comfy and a great buy.
  9. Waterproof Digital Camera:
    I recommend a waterproof digital camera. But if you can’t get your hands on one, then a normal digital camera will do. But this Sony Cybershot is perfect for me. Thanks to D for this awesome birthday present. I never travel without.
  10. Sense of Adventure:
    This is not something you can buy or throw into your bag. This is something that you must have in you. You have to make sure that before you leave for your trip, you’ve prepped yourself to be adventurous. Once on vacation, let your vacation take control and let your sense of adventure kick in. Because if you stay focused and on a specific itinerary (which can sometimes be great), you won’t discover all the magic happening around you.



Hectic Coming Week(s) Before I Leave

The last few days have been just so hectic. D has already arrived in India and has begun his part of the running around. It was tough letting him go.

As for me, I’ve spent the last few days packing, organizing and then packing some more. This is the first time I’ll be away since I moved out of my parent’s house four and a half years ago. So, I have a heck of a lot of cleaning and tidying up to do before I leave.

It’s definitely going to be a hectic week and a half before my flight. I’m just worried that I’ll wear myself out before I get on the plane. I guess, I really don’t have much of a choice but to get everything done. Maybe I’ll make a list of things to do before I leave and try to prioritize accordingly.

Well, I better get back to work. It’s really busy here these days, plus there’s a lot expected of me prior to my trip. Sigh!

Ciao for now.

Six Months to Kill? I'll be in India, thank you very much!

India – Colours of India – 010 – Flower Market

Tour India! That’s a given isn’t it?

Most people who read my blog and know me, would tell you that I’d be on a flight to India in a heartbeat. I’m so amazed by India and everything to see and do there.

I’ve traveled through northern and central part of India. My upcoming trip will take me south and towards the east. But I really want to see the south and west of India as well.

Every city, every community, every locality is so distinct. Different dialects, food, clothes, events and cultures wherever you go. And the people, the people are so diverse from city to city. Their living styles, their beliefs, they upbringings are quite different.

India is the one place I recommend everyone to visit and it’s not just because I’m Indian. But because it’s truly an adventure you’ve never experienced in your life. Just have an open-mind to extreme diversity and try not having a culture-shock. Besides that, everyone will enjoy India and fall in love with it as I have and continue to do every time I’m there.

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