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I am making another attempt to lose weight and want to take you on my journey with me. So I’ve set up this page to tell you exactly how I’m going to do it. This page will be for you to introduce yourselves, talk about your weight-loss goals and challenges and ask me questions about mine.

Just keep in mind that I am not a health-care or weight-loss professional. I am writing from experience and trial and error.

If you wish to introduce yourselves please do so in the following way:

City or Country:
Starting weight:
Goal weight:
How you will reach your goal weight:

My plan is similar to the ever-famous, Dr. Bernstein diet with some exceptions. My diet is only being incorporated Monday to Friday. On the weekends I will eat whatever I may choose but with limitations. For example: I may choose to have chicken nuggets from McDonald’s but will exclude the coke, fries and dipping sauces. Or a burger minus the mayo. Or a pasta dish but only eat half and take the other half home for my hubby to eat.

The Diet:

  1. Remove dairy products from my diet completely, except on weekends when I may choose to have a glass of low-fat chocolate milk as a treat to kick the sweet craving.
  2. No sugar intake at all
  3. No added salt

Foods I can eat (broken down by 4 categories: Protein, Fruits, Vegetables and Bread):
Food should be cooked with PAM only

2 servings a day – roughly 4 hours apart
3.5 oz.

Veal cutlet
Chicken liver
Chicken breasts
White fish
Egg whites
Note: Beef can be eaten once a week. No lamb

2 servings a day

2 Apples
2 Clementine’s
6 Strawberries

2 servings a day
220 grs.

Bean sprouts
Green beans

1 serving per day

2 slices of Dempsters Body Wise brand bread
Melba toast

Miscellaneous Forbidden Items:
Carbonated drinks
Fruit juice
Ice Cream
White refined sugars

I know this diet seems extreme. I think its more of a lifestyle change than extreme. But it’ll be worth it once the pounds and inches start shedding off.

Here’s my typical daily meal plan:

Black tea boiled with cinnamon and once cooled, small spoon of honey
1 slice of toast with 1 boiled egg-white and black pepper

Snack: Sliced apple

Salad, salad and more salad topped with black pepper and lemon juice

3-5 triscuits topped with peanut butter

Lentil soup
Small bowl of salad

Drink at least 8 glasses of water. I generally drink 10-12. This keeps my stomach full, me hydrated and my skin and hair looking great. Yeah, going pee every so often isn’t all that great, but the benefits of drinking lots of water is great.

I don’t do much exercise. Well, taking care of a little bundle of joy all day long is exercise enough. But I like taking Ni for walks in her stroller. We generally go for a 30-60 minute walk every day in the evening. I’ve tried the morning walks, but I’m just too sleepy and tired to do the full 30 minutes and end up cutting my walk by 10-15 minutes. So, instead we’ve started walking in the evening when its a bit cooler outside.

I hope all this information has been helpful for all of you and you join me on my journey to lose weight. Once again, if you’re also trying to lose weight, then please join in the conversation. I’d love to build a community of people on this site who are all after the same goal: a healthier, more beautiful you!

Here’s my intro to get us started:

Name: Tamana
Age: 30
City or Country: Toronto, ON, Canada
Starting weight: 243 lbs.
Goal weight: 170 lbs.

Good luck all! xoxox



5 thoughts on “Health Channel”

  1. Janine
    Age 40
    Toronto, On., Canada
    Starting weight:216
    goal: 150
    Starting Monday I will follow a similar diet and add 45minutes at the gym before I go to work.
    Good luck everyone


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